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Orkney Islands Council - Website Sitemap

Site Map
The Council website's Home Page.
Your Council
Information on Orkney Islands Council.
Brexit Information
The UK and Scottish Governments have produced advice and guidance to help individual citizens and businesses prepare for the process of leaving the EU
Details for Orkney Islands Council byelaws.
Drinking in Public Places in Kirkwall
View the Council's Byelaw covering drinking in public places in Kirkwall.
Committees: Agendas, Reports and Minutes
Details of Council committees and meetings.
The Committees Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Full Council Meetings
Information about Full Council Meetings with Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Policy and Resources
Policy and Resources Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Policy and Resources Committee Meetings - 2021.
Policy and Resources Committee - 21 September 2021
Policy and Resources Committee - 21 September 2021.
Development and Infrastructure
Information on Development and Infrastructure and Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Development and Infrastructure Committee Meetings - 2021.
Development and Infrastructure Committee - 7 September 2021
Development and Infrastructure Committee - 7 September 2021
Development and Infrastructure Committee Meetings - 2020.
Education, Leisure and Housing
Information on the Education, Leisure and Housing Committee, and Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Education, Leisure and Housing Committee Meetings - 2021.
ELH Committee - 8 September 2021
Education, Leisure and Housing Committee - 9 September 2021.
Planning Committee
Information about Planning Committee meetings, including Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Details of Planning Committee Meetings held in 2021.
Planning Committee - 1 September 2021
Planning Committee - 1 September 2021.
Planning Committee - 6 October 2021
Planning Committee - 6 October 2021
Local Review Body
Local Review Body Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Local Review Body Meetings - 2021.
Local Review Body - 6 October 2021
Local Review Body - 6 October 2021.
Monitoring and Audit
Monitoring and Audit Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Details of Orkney Islands Council's Monitoring and Audit Committee Meetings held in 2021.
Monitoring and Audit Committee - 26 August 2021
Monitoring and Audit Committee - 26 August 2021.
Monitoring and Audit Committee - 23 September 2021
Monitoring and Audit Committee - 23 September 2021.
Details of the Monitoring and Audit Committee meetings held in 2020.
Licensing Committee
Agendas, Reports and Minutes of the Licensing Committee.
Sub-Committees' Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Community Development Fund Sub-committee
Information about the Community Development Fund Sub-Committee, Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
The Community Development Fund Sub-committee meetings for 2020.
Licensing Sub-committee
Agendas, Reports and Minutes of the Licensing Sub-Committee.
Asset Management Sub-committee
Agendas, Reports and Minutes - Asset Management Sub-committees.
Asset Management Sub-committee - 2021.
Asset Management - 31 August 2021
Asset Management Sub-committee - 31 August 2021.
Asset Management - 5 October 2021
Asset Management Sub-committee - 5 October 2021.
Asset Management Sub-committee - 2016.
Human Resources Sub-committee
Information about the Human Resources Sub-committee with Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Human Resources Sub-committee - 2021.
Human Resources Sub-committee - 31 August 2021
Human Resources Sub-committee - 31 August 2021.
Human Resources Sub-committee - 2016.
Investments Sub-committee
Information on Investments Sub-committee - including membership and meetings.
Investments Sub-committee Meetings - 2021.
Investments Sub-committee - 16 September 2021
Investments Sub-committee - 16 September 2021.
College Management Council
Agendas, Reports and Minutes of the College Management Council.
College Management Council Sub-committee Meetings - 2021,
The College Management Council Sub-committee meetings for 2020.
Police and Fire Sub-committee
Police and Fire Sub-Committee Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Details of the Police and Fire Sub-committee Meetings held in 2021.
Police and Fire Sub-committee - 24 August 2021
Police and Fire Sub-committee - 24 August 2021 The ...
Details of the Police and Fire Sub-committee Meetings held in 2020.
Details of the Police and Fire Sub-committee meetings held in 2016.
St Magnus Cathedral Sub-committee
St Magnus Cathedral Sub-Committee - Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Pension Fund Sub-committee
Pension Fund Sub-Committee Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Pension Fund Sub-committee Meetings - 2021.
Pension Fund Sub-committee - 26 August 2021
Pension Fund Sub-committee - 26 August 2021
Pension Fund Sub-committee - 15 September 2021
Pension Fund Sub-committee - 15 September 2021
Details of the Pension Fund Sub-committee meetings held in 2016.
Harbour Authority Sub-committee
Information about the Harbour Authority Sub-committee with Agendas, Reports and Minutes
Harbour Authority Sub-committee Meetings - 2021.
Harbour Authority Sub-committee - 24 August 2021
Harbour Authority Sub-committee - 24 August 2021.
Integration Joint Board
Minutes, agendas and papers for the Integration Joint Board.
Audit Committee
Details of the Orkney Integration Joint Board - Audit Committee meetings.
Integrated Joint Board Audit Committee Meetings- 2021.
The Integrated Joint Board Audit Committee meetings for 2020.
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 2021.
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 2 September 2021
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 2 September 2021.
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 7 October 2021
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 7 October 2021.
Orkney Local Licensing Forum Agendas and Reports
Agendas and reports from the Orkney Local Licensing Forum.
Orkney Islands Council Audio Casting
Listen live to audio casting of meetings from the Orkney Islands Council Chamber.
Complaints, Compliments and Feedback - Council
Information about the complaints, compliments and feedback procedure regarding Orkney Islands Council's services.
Complaints Procedure
Information about Orkney Islands Council's complaints procedure.
Performance Reporting
Performance reporting page created for the purposes of reporting on complaints statistics.
Councillors and Committees
Information about Orkney Islands Council's Councillors and Committees.
Details of Councillors in the Orkney Isles.
Record of Claims
Details of Councillors' Record of Claims.
Attendance at Committee
Records of Elected Members Attendance at Council and Committee Meetings.
Community Councils
Information on Community Councils in Orkney, with map showing Community Council areas.
About Community Councils
Additional Information on Community Councils in Orkney.
Clerks to Community Councils
Contact details of the Clerks for the various Community Councils in Orkney.
Democratic Services
Information about Democratic Services.
Empowering Communities
Details of Orkney Islands Council’s ‘Empowering Communities’ project, which aims to help support and develop fragile communities, through enabling greater responsibility for running Council services in their area.
Information on minutes and agendas regarding community councils in Orkney.
Meeting Dates
Information on meeting dates for community councils in Orkney.
Community Planning
Details of the Council's joint working with local organisations to provide services to the local community.
Details about elections administered by Orkney Islands Council.
Local Government Election - 5 May 2022
Information about the Scottish Parliament Election - 6 May 2021.
Blind and Partially Sighted Voters
Information for blind and partially sighted ...
Ward 1 - Kirkwall East
Ward 1 - Kirkwall East. Scottish Local Government Elections Results - 4 May 2017
Ward 2 - Kirkwall West and Orphir
Ward 2 - Kirkwall West and Orphir. Scottish Local Government Elections Results - 4 May 2017
Ward 3 - Stromness and South Isles
Ward 3 - Stromness and South Isles. Scottish Local Government Elections results - 4 May 2017.
Ward 4 - West Mainland
Ward 4 - West Mainland. Scottish Local Government Elections Results - 4 May 2017.
Ward 5 - East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray
Ward 5 - East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray. Scottish Local Government Elections Results - 4 May 2017.
Ward 6 - North Isles
Ward 6 - North Isles. Scottish Local Government Elections Results - 4 May 2017.
Ways to vote
Find out more about registering to vote and ways to vote in the 4 May 2017 Elections.
Register to vote
Emergency Planning
Information about Orkney Islands Council's Emergency Planning.
Business Continuity
Information and advice on Business Continuity.
Precautions in Case of Pandemic
Precautions in Case of Pandemic.
Flotta Oil Terminal
Off-Site Emergency Plan for Flotta Oil Terminal.
Flooding Information
Information about what to do before, during and after a flood.
Winter Safety
Information and advice on safety during extreme weather.
Information on PREVENT - part of the UK Government’s Counter-Terrorism strategy (also known as CONTEST).
Information on all finance services provided by Orkney Islands Council.
Budgets and Accounting
These web pages contain information on the Council's Statement of Accounts, Revenue Estimates and Financial Regulations.
National Fraud Initiative
Information on the National Fraud Initiative in Scotland.
Pension Fund Annual Reports
Pension Fund Annual Reports and Accounts published by Orkney Islands Council.
Revenue Estimates
Archive of Orkney Islands Council's Revenue Estimates.
Statement of Accounts
Archive of Orkney Islands Council's Statement of Accounts.
The Pensions Section administers the pension arrangements for all employees of Orkney Islands Council.
Pension Fund Sub-Committee/Pension Board
Information on the Pension Fund Sub-Committee/Pension Board.
Council Charges
Details of the fees and charges which relate to all Council services for 2022 to 2023.
Get Involved
Information on Consultation and Engagement.
Community Conversations
A summary of the main issues raised by local people during Orkney Islands Council’s Community Conversation meetings held in June 2018.
Participation Requests
Information on Participation Requests.
Polling Districts and Places Consultation
Polling Districts and Places Consultation.
Orkney's Community Wind Farm Project
An overview of Orkney's Community Wind Farm project, including links to additional information.
Location-specific community benefit fund
A consultation on the location-specific community benefit scheme for Orkney's Community Wind Farm Project - the page includes a consultation guide and a link to an online survey
Scheme for Orkney Community Councils 2021
Scheme for Orkney Community Councils 2021 - consultation.
How We're Performing
Reporting on the performance of Orkney Islands Council Services.
Annual Performance Reports
The Annual Performance Report is structured around Council priorities, and uses various measures to show how well the Council performed.
Council Strategic Planning Framework
Information on the Council's Strategic Planning Framework.
Strategic and Service Level Plans
Orkney Islands Council Strategic and Service Level Plans.
The Orkney Community Plan Incorporating the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan
Orkney Community Planning Partnership’s long-term vision and medium-term plan for a better Orkney.
Council Plan
Orkney Islands Council’s key priorities and targets.
Council Service Plans
Services and activities provided by the Council.
Monitoring and Managing Performance
Reports on the OIC's progress with its strategic and service plans.
Local Outcomes Improvement Plan
Orkney Partnership’s Local Outcomes Improvement Plan.
Council Plan Monitoring
Council Plan monitoring reports which show how well we are meeting our key priorities and targets.
Statutory Performance Indicator Monitoring
Statutory Performance Indicators, year by year for Orkney Islands Council.
Local Government Benchmark Framework Indicator Monitoring
Local Government Benchmark Framework Indicator Monitoring.
Service Plan and Performance Indicator Monitoring
Service plan monitoring reports.
SPM to 30 September 2021
Service plan monitoring reports 6 months to 30 September 2021.
SPM to 31 March 2021
Service plan monitoring reports 6 months to 31 March 2021.
SPM to 30 September 2020
The service plan performance monitoring reports for six months ending 30 September 2020.
Performance Reporting within Particular Council Areas
Public Performance within Particular Council Areas.
Responsiveness to its Communities
Information on how to access reports and publications on Council consultations and engagements.
Revenues and Service Costs
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to revenues and service costs.
The 2013 Council Staff Survey.
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to Council Assets.
Procurement Information
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to procurement.
Sustainable Development
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to sustainable development.
Benefits Administration
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to benefits administration.
Community Care
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to community care.
Criminal Justice Social Work
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to criminal justice social work.
Cultural and Community Services
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to cultural and community services.
Education of Children
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to the education of children.
Child Protection and Children's Social Work
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to child protection and children's social work.
Housing and Homelessness
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to housing and homelessness.
Protective Services
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to protective services, including environmental health and trading standards.
Roads and Lighting
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to roads and lighting.
Waste Management Services
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to waste management.
General Scrutiny Reports
Information on how to access reports and publications relating to the general scrutiny of the Council.
Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney
Information regarding the Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney.
Our Future
Our Future You may be wondering what happens once ...
Orkney Climate Aware
Orkney Climate ...
COP 26 Webinars
COP 26 Webinars The Council hosted a series of ...
Our Meetings
Dates and details of Council Meetings.
Diary of Council Meetings
Dates and details of Council Meetings.
Our Plans
Information about Orkney Islands Councils long term plans.
Corporate Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023
Information on the Corporate Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023.
Fleet and Plant Asset Management Plan
Information on the Fleet and Plant Asset Management Plan.
Our Structure
Details of the organisational structure of Orkney Islands Council.
Equality and Diversity
Details of OIC's Equality and Diversity Strategy, schemes and policies.
OIALB Equality Impact Assessments
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board Equality Impact Assessments.
Human Resources
Information about Human Resources for Orkney Islands Council.
Employee Information
We provide advice, information and professional support to managers and employees on all employment related matters.
Information and guidance on Orkney Islands Council’s Electronic Payslip System - MyView.
Equal Opportunities
Information on Equal Opportunities within Orkney Islands Council, including access to our Equal Opportunities Policy Statement.
Learning and Development
High quality service provision is at the heart of our organisation. A motivated, highly skilled, committed and flexible workforce is key to achieving this.
Working for the Council
Useful information for people considering working for Orkney Islands Council.
Criminal Record Checks
Information on criminal record checks for posts where these are necessary.
Employee Benefits
Information on employee benefits.
Teaching with Orkney Islands Council
Teaching vacancy information from Orkney Islands Council.
Terms and Conditions
Details of Council Employee terms and conditions, including teachers and lecturers.
Information on vacancies available at Orkney Islands Council.
Information on Council Policies.
Anti-Fraud Policy
Corporate Anti-Fraud Policy.
British Sign Language Local Plan 2018-2024
Information on the British Sign Language Local Plan for 2018-2024.
Carbon Management Programme
Information on the Carbon Management Programme.
Data Protection Policy
Information on the Data Protection Policy.
Disability Equality Scheme
Information on the Disability Equality Scheme.
Financial Regulations
Information on Financial Regulations.
Gender Equality Scheme
Information about OIC's Gender Equality Scheme.
Health and Safety Policy
Information on the Health and Safety Policy.
Race Equality Scheme
Information on the Race Equality Scheme.
Records Management
Information about the Council's Records Management Policy.
Smoking Policy
Information on the Orkney Islands Council Smoking Policy (2009) in Council premises or worksites.
Reuse of information and copyright
Details for reuse of information and copyright.
Council Risk Register
Orkney Islands Council’s Risk Register lists the threats to our services and planned developments and improvements.
Public Notices
The latest Public Notices for Orkney Islands Council.
Contact Us
Contact details for Orkney Islands Council.
Customer Services
Information on Customer Services at Orkney Islands Council.
Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information.
Guide to Information and Publication Scheme
Orkney Islands Council Guide to Information and Publication Scheme.
Out of hours
Emergency contact details for Orkney Islands Council services.
OIC Updates
This page features links and contact details to help you access urgent and important information about changes to Council services.
OIC Facebook guide
Find out how OIC uses Facebook as part of wider public communications.
OIC Twitter guide
Find out what you can expect from Orkney Islands Council's Twitter page.
Social media policy
The Council's Social Media Policy.
Covid-19 Hub
Information for the public, businesses, Council Staff and the Third Sector about Coronavirus.
Information for council staff
Coronavirus (Covid-19): information and advice for staff.
Covid-19 - Latest news
All of the latest news regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Community Renewal Fund
UK Community Renewal Fund Invitation to Submit Project Bids
Our Services
The Service Directory lists all services provided by Orkney Islands Council.
Business and Trade
Information and support relating to Business and Trade within Orkney.
Business Gateway
Details about support for new and existing businesses in Orkney.
Business Gateway Workshops
Information on Business Gateway Workshops in Orkney.
Business Development
Access to information and assistance for local businesses, including information on Economic Development Grant schemes.
Business Development Support
Information on Business Expansion Support - grants of up to 30% of eligible capital expenditure up to a maximum grant of £55,000 towards projects in eligible sectors.
Business Start-Up Support
Information on start-up support for businesses.
Industrial Premises and Sites
Information on Industrial Premises and sites.
Marketing Support
Information and support - Orkney Marketing - jointly financed by OIC and HIE.
Information on renewables in Orkney.
Sustainable Energy Strategy for Orkney
Information on a Sustainable energy strategy in Orkney.
Information on the wave and tidal regime in Orkney.
National Lobbying
Information on the Council's actions to promote Orkney as a centre for renewables.
Property Development
Information on Property Development within Orkney.
H2 in Orkney – The Hydrogen Islands
Generating Hydrogen in Orkney has the potential to turn challenge into opportunity.
Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in Isolated Territory.
Business Directory
The Orkney Business Directory contains a comprehensive list of businesses, with information about access for people with disabilities.
Community Development
Information on Community Development in Orkney.
Archaeological Fund
Information on the Archaeological projects in Orkney.
Rural Shop Improvement Scheme
Information on the Rural Shop Improvement Scheme.
Orkney Economy
Information on the latest data of Orkney's Economy.
Information about property available for lease, for sale, our property asset management plan and asset transfer requests and the community empowerment legislation.
Community Asset Transfer Requests
Information about Community Asset Transfer Requests.
Properties for Sale
Information on property for sale in Orkney.
15-17 Victoria Street, Kirkwall
15-17 Victoria Street, Kirkwall
28 Junction Road, Kirkwall
For Sale - 28 Junction Road, Kirkwall.
Watersfield - Self Build Serviced Housing Plots
Watersfield, Kirkwall - Self Serviced Build Plots, Reference: 40/0448.
Properties for Lease
Information on property offered for lease by the Orkney Islands Council.
6 Broad Street
Property for lease - 6 Broad Street, Kirkwall.
Business Rates
Information on Business Rates in Orkney.
Information on Procurement within Orkney.
Procurement Strategy 2019 to 2021
Orkney Islands Council's Procurement Strategy for 2019 to 2021.
Contracts Register
Live contracts currently in place for Orkney Islands Council and Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority.
Contract Standing Orders
Details of Orkney Islands Council's Contract Standing Orders.
How to do Business With OIC
A detailed guide to doing business with the Council, including tendering procedures.
Sustainable Procurement
Sustainable Procurement Policy 2013 - 2015.
Standard Terms and Conditions of Contracts
Orkney Islands Council's Standard Terms and Conditions of Contracts for goods and services.
Tenders and Contracts
Details for construction and civil engineering contractors about applying for works projects with Orkney Islands Council.
Consultation on Draft Procurement Strategy 2019 to 2021
Information on the Consultation on Draft Procurement Strategy 2019 to 2021.
Tourism Development
Information on Tourism Development in Orkney.
Events and Festivals
Information on local events and Festivals in Orkney.
Island Tourism Brochure
Information on a Brochure for Tourism in Orkney.
2012-2013 Visitor Survey
2012-2013 Visitor Survey.
Business Improvement District - BIDs
Find out information about the Kirkwall Business Improvement District (BIDs).
Health and Safety
Community Learning and Development
Information about Community Learning and Development in Orkney.
Adult Learning
Information about adult learning opportunities, including link to Community Learning Classes, available in Orkney.
The Learning Link
Information about the Learning Link and adult education classes in Orkney.
Community Learning Classes
Community Learning classes and courses available in Orkney.
Employability Support
Information, advice and referrals for anyone seeking employment, education or training.
The Kickstart Scheme.
Orkney Employability Partnership
Information on the Orkney Employability Partnership.
Parental Support
Information about Parental Employability Support.
Recruitment Incentive
Information about the Orkney Employer Recruitment Incentive.
Redundancy Support (PACE)
Information about Redundancy Support (PACE).
Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE).
Young Person's Guarantee
Information about The Young Person's Guarantee.
Youth Services
Information about youth work in Orkney.
Dynamic Youth Awards
Information on the Dynamic Youth Awards - peer assessed awards recognising the contributions and achievements of young people in the 10 to 14 age group.
Duke of Edinburgh
Information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award - giving all young people the chance to develop skills for work and life.
Youth Achievement Awards
Information about the Youth Achievement Awards.
Education and Learning
Information and Services for Education and Learning.
Early Learning and Childcare
Information on services relating to early learning and childcare in Orkney.
Eligible Two Year Olds
Eligible Two Year ...
Early Learning and Childcare Forms - including childminder registration.
Settings and Childminders
Childminders, Nursery and Pre-School settings in Orkney.
Information on all of the primary, secondary and junior high schools located within Orkney.
Curriculum for Excellence
Information about the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence in Orkney.
Links for Teachers, Pupils and Parents
Links to useful websites for teachers, pupils and parents.
Featured Links
Information on featured links relating to education for use by teachers, pupils and parents.
Schools FAQs
Frequently asked questions related to schools and education.
School Contacts
FAQ ...
School Catering
Information on school catering services.
School Enrolments
Information on school enrolment in Orkney.
School Catchment Areas
Information on catchment areas for primary schools and their associated secondary schools.
School Placing Requests
Information about placing requests for Orkney schools.
School Transport
General information about school transport in Orkney - including the Code of Conduct for Bus Users.
Term, Holiday and Closure Dates
Details of the school calendar.
Parental Involvement
Information about Education and Leisure Services Parental Involvement, including contact details.
Parental Involvement Act
Information about the Parental Involvement Act 2006.
OIC Resources for Parents and Parent Councils
OIC resources for parents and parents councils.
Young Enterprise Scotland
Information on the Young Enterprise Scotland initiative.
School Crossing Patrols
Information about School Crossing Patrol Officers.
School Emergency Closures
Information on school emergency closures.
Home Education
Information for parents/carers who may wish to consider home education.
Instrumental Music Service
Information on the Orkney Schools Instrumental Music Service.
Grants, EMAs and Bursaries
Information about student grants, EMAs and bursaries.
Education Maintenance Allowances (EMAs) - Financial support for young people.
Further Education (FE) Bursaries are provided by the Council for students studying non-advanced courses in or outwith Orkney.
School Meals and Clothing Allowances
Information about allowances for school meals and clothing.
Pupil Support
Information on pupil support.
Education is for All
Information from the Education is for All Handbook.
Visions Values and Definitions
Information about visions, values and definitions from the Education is for All handbook.
Additional Support Needs In Education
Information about additional support needs in education.
Getting It Right
Information about the Getting it Right initiative.
Partnership with Parents and Young People
Information about partnerships with parents and young people.
Quality Assurance and Development Planning
Information about quality assurance and development planning in schools in Orkney.
People and Teams
Information about the people and teams involved in education.
Sharing Information
Information about partnerships within education.
The Educational Psychology Service
Information about the Educational Psychology Service.
Meeting Learning Needs
Information about meeting learning needs.
Coordinated Support Plans
Information on Coordinated Support Plans.
Developing Inclusive Practice
Information about developing inclusive practice.
Behaviour Coordinators and Framework for Intervention
Information about Behaviour Co-ordinators and the Framework for Intervention.
Dyslexia Friendly Schools
Information about Dyslexia Friendly Schools.
Resolving Disagreements
Information about the procedures involved in resolving disagreements.
Pupil Care and Welfare
Policy documents and information relating to Pupil Care and Welfare.
Educational Psychology Service
General information and contact details for the Educational Psychology Service.
Orkney Transition Planning Guidance
Orkney Transition Planning Guidance and Procedures - Transition to Post-School Services.
Getting it Right for Orkneys Children and Young People
Information and guidance on the Getting it Right for Orkney's Children and Young People scheme.
LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)
Useful information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.
Employment of Children
Information and guidance for the employment of children under 16 years old.
Child Performance Licence
Information and guidance about applying for Child Performance Licences.
We Teach, We Nurture - Education Jobs
We Teach, We Nurture - Information about employment in Education in Orkney.
Dounby Community School
Information about Dounby Community School, West Mainland.
Kirkwall Grammar School
Information on Kirkwall Grammar School - Education jobs
Stronsay Junior High School
Details about Stronsay Junior High School - on the North Isle of Stronsay.
Environmental Health and Trading Standards
Information on legislation enforced by the Council to safeguard public health and quality of life issues.
Environmental Health
Information and advice on everything related to environmental health in Orkney including dog fouling, pollution, food safety and antisocial behavior.
Antisocial Behaviour Strategy
Information on the Anti-social Behaviour Strategy in Orkney.
Cooling Tower Registration
Information on the registration of cooling towers and evaporative condensers in Orkney.
Private Water Supplies
Information on fly-tipping in Orkney.
Food Safety
Details on Food Safety in Orkney.
Food Alerts
Food ...
Information on different kinds of pollution in Orkney.
Noise Pollution
Information about noise pollution in Orkney.
Hazardous Substances
Information on the control of hazardous substances in Orkney.
Water Pollution
Information regarding water pollution control in Orkney.
Private Water Supplies
Information regarding private water supplies in Orkney.
Water Quality Monitoring
Information on water quality monitoring in Orkney.
Lead in Water
Information and guidance on lead in water.
Information on Radon and how it can affect homes and workplaces in Orkney.
Enforcement Policy
Environmental Health and Trading Standards General Enforcement Policy.
Cross Contamination
Advice to food businesses on controlling cross contamination of E Coli 0157
Event Safety
Information on Organising Safe Events.
E Coli Information
Advice about E.coli O157 and how to avoid infection.
Pest Control
Information on Pest Control in Orkney.
Abandoned Vehicles
Health and Safety
Below The Standard Housing
Trading Standards
Information on the primary roles of the Council's Trading Standards team.
Unwanted Phone Calls
Trading Standards - Guidance on what to do about unwanted phone calls.
Public Weighbridges
Information on Public Weighbridges in Orkney.
Animal Welfare
Information on Animal Welfare in Orkney.
Free Period Products
Free Period Products for Orkney Residents As an Orkney ...
Grants and Funds
Information about Council grants and funds.
Housing Options Guide
Information on a range of housing issues in Orkney.
I am in a property and need advice
Information and advice for those already in a property.
Council Housing
Information for council tenants.
Antisocial Behaviour
Information regarding anti-social behaviour.
Council Homes for rent
Council homes currently available for let.
Council Tax
Information on council tax at Orkney Islands Council.
Empty Properties and Second Homes
Find out more information about Council Tax on empty properties and second homes.
Information regarding Orkney Islands Councils' stock of garages.
Housing Application and Allocations
Information regarding application for Orkney Islands Council properties and the allocations process.
Housing Benefit
Information on housing benefit in Orkney.
Housing Benefit Appeals
Information on appeals in housing benefit in Orkney.
Information on overpayment of housing benefits in Orkney.
Mutual Exchange
Information regarding Orkney Islands Councils mutual exchange process.
Rent Payment
Information regarding rent payments for Orkney Islands Councils' houses.
Rent Arrears
Information regarding rent arrears for Orkney Islands Council tenants.
Housing Repairs, Improvements and Adaptations
Information regarding repairs and improvements in Council properties.
Orkney Housing Association Ltd
Information for Orkney Housing Association Tenants.
Tenant Participation
Information regarding Tenant Participation.
Repairing and Improving Private Property
Information for individuals looking to repair or improve private properties.
Disabled Adaptation Grant
Information regarding disabled adaptation grants available in Orkney.
Supported Accommodation
Information regarding the different types of supported accommodation available in the county.
Sheltered Housing
Guidance on our lettings policy in respect of sheltered housing.
Contact Us - Housing and Homelessness
Contact information for Orkney Islands Council's Housing and Homelessness Sections.
Care and Repair
Information regarding the services provided by Care and Repair.
Support for Adults with Incapacity
Information regarding the support available for adults with incapacity.
Owner Occupier
Information for owner occupiers.
Mortgage Arrears
Information for owner occupiers facing mortgage arrears.
I am homeless or going to become homeless
Housing information for people who are homeless or facing homelessness.
Homelessness FAQs
Frequently asked questions for individuals who are, or are about to become, homeless.
Homelessness Prevention
Information for individuals who are facing homelessness and how to avoid it.
I am looking for a property
Information and advice for people looking for a new property.
Private Sector Tenants
Information for private sector tenants.
Orkney Lets
Private lets currently available in Orkney.
Orkney Islands Property Development Ltd
Information regarding Orkney Islands Property Development Ltd.
Low Cost Home Ownership
Information and guidance on low cost home ownership.
I need help with my housing costs
Help and advice on meeting your housing costs.
I am or want to become a Landlord
Information for people who are or are looking to become a landlord.
Private Sector Landlords
Information for individuals who are or are looking to become a landlord.
Access for Repairs
Information regarding access for repairs for private sector landlords.
Antisocial Tenants
Information regarding how to address anti-social tenants.
Information for landlords regarding the eviction process.
Landlord Registration
Information regarding the Landlord Registration scheme in Scotland.
Local Housing Allowance
Information on Local Housing Allowance.
Property Repairs
Information for private sector landlords regarding property repairs.
Property Repairs and the Repairing Standard
Information regarding The Repairing Standard.
Rent Arrears for Landlords
Information for landlords on how to deal with rent arrears.
Rent Deposit
Information for landlords regarding rent deposits.
National Rent Deposit Scheme FAQ's
Frequently asked questions in connection with the National Rent Deposit Scheme.
Tenancy Agreement
Information for landlords regarding tenancy agreements.
Types of Tenancy
Information for private sector landlords on the different types of tenancy.
I am looking for information
Advice and information about housing and Orkney Islands Council housing service.
Strategy and Policy
Information and copies of the Orkney Islands Councils' housing related strategies and policies.
Current Consultations - Housing Services
Information regarding Orkney Islands Councils' current housing related consultations.
Housing Loans
Information about Housing Loans.
Empty Homes
Information and options on empty homes in Orkney, including details on the Matchmaker Scheme and Sweat Equity.
Papdale Halls of Residence
Information about the school hostel, Papdale Halls of Residence in Kirkwall.
Information relating to the accommodation provided in the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Details of the facilities available to residents of the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Homework and Study
Information regarding the homework and study facilities at the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Information relating to the activities available to residents of the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Information regarding the staffing at the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Information regarding admissions to the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Contact Us / Find us
Information on how to contact and find the Papdale Halls of Residence.
National Care Standards
Information regarding the National Care Standards role in the services provided by the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Care Inspectorate
Information regarding the Care Inspectorate's role in the services provided by the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Group Bookings
Information regarding the availability of Papdale Halls to groups during school holidays.
Housing Services Annual Reports
Housing Services Annual Reports for tenants.
Law and Licensing
Information and services related to law and licensing, including registering births, marriages and deaths, freedom of information and business licensing.
Licence Applications
Information about licences, permits and permissions for various types of activity and business that are issued by Orkney Islands Council.
Alcohol Licensing
Details of the licensing process under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.
Current Register of Premises and Personal Licences
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - Current Register of Premises and Personal Licence information.
Occasional Licences
Details of the occasional licence register and the current and previous licences.
Information about a variety of licences required by Orkney Islands Council for the regulation of business.
Door-to-Door Metal Dealers
Information for metal dealers who buy and sell on a door-to-door basis in Orkney.
Game Dealers
Information about licences for game dealers and how to apply.
Information about the procedures for applying for various types of entertainment licence.
Information about licences required by Orkney Islands Council for various types of gambling and lotteries.
Details on the law in regard to running bingo games for charity or non-commercial purposes.
Information about lotteries.
Marches and Processions
Information on the licensing of Marches, Processions and Parades.
Civic Government Licensing
Information about Civic Government Licensing.
Boating and Watercraft
Information for persons operating pleasure boats or vessels.
Indoor Sports Entertainment
Information on how to apply for an Indoor Sports Entertainment licence.
Knife Dealers Licences
Information about how to apply for a Knife Dealer's Licence.
Late Hours Catering
Information on late hours catering licences with details of how to apply.
Markets Operators
Information on market operators licences which are issued by Orkney Islands Council.
Metal Dealer Licence
Information on scrap metal dealers site licences, including details of how to apply.
Public Charitable Collections
Information about applying for public charitable collections.
Public Entertainment
Information on public entertainment licences, when they are required and how to apply.
Raised Structures
Information on licences for permission to use a raised structure for the purpose of providing raised seating or standing accommodation.
Second Hand Goods
Information on applying for a second hand dealers licence.
Sex Shops
Details of the licensing procedures relating to sex shops in Orkney.
Short Term Lets
Short Term Lets ...
Skin Piercing, Tattooing and Acupuncture
Details on applying for a licence to operate a skin piercing, tattooing and acupuncture business.
Street Trading
Information on licences issued by Orkney Islands Council for street trading.
Taxis and Private Hire Cars
Information about licensing taxis and minicabs.
Window Cleaners
Information on window cleaner's licences which are issued by Orkney Islands Council.
Civic Government Licences - Approved Licence Lists
List of applications approved under delegated powers, the Civic Government Scotland Act 1982.
Licensing Board
Information about The Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board's policies and meetings.
Licensing Board Policies
Information on the policies administered by the Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board.
Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Information about registering births, marriages and deaths.
Birth Registration
Information about registering the birth of your baby.
Burial Services
Burial Services Orkney Islands Council, through the requirements of ...
Burial Grounds Map
Burial Grounds Click an icon on the map below ...
Death Registration
Information about registering a death.
Information about bereavement.
Bereavement Support
Information about bereavement support.
Planning the Funeral
Information about planning a funeral.
The Will
Information on the role the Will plays after a person has died.
Marriages and Civil Partnerships
Information about the basic requirements for marriage.
Civil Partnerships
Information about civil partnerships.
Information about Registrars in Orkney.
Information about the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Scotland Act.
Covert Surveillance
Information about Covert Surveillance (CS).
Covert Human Intelligence Source
Information, policy and procedure regarding the operation of Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS) activities.
Orkney Local Licensing Forum
Information about the Local Licensing Forum.
Leisure and Culture
Information on Leisure and Culture Services in Orkney.
Sport and Leisure
Information on the sports and leisure facilities operated by Education, Leisure and Housing of Orkney Islands Council.
Information about ActiveLife - Orkney’s exciting new leisure scheme offering unlimited access to 12 different sports and leisure venues across the county.
Active Schools
Details of Active Schools activities within Orkney.
Details of Active Schools plans.
Details of Active Schools programmes running in schools.
Sports Leaders UK
Information on Sports Leaders UK courses run within Orkney.
Transition Sports
Details on Primary 7 transition sports festivals.
After School
Details of Active Schools after school clubs.
Young Ambassadors
Information on the Young Ambassadors programme.
Active Schools Co-ordinators provide Bikeability training to school pupils.
Details of Scottish Football Association football programmes offered to children within Orkney.
Details of Active Schools resources available for community use.
Equipment Library
Details of sports equipment available for community use.
Information on training available through Active Schools.
Holiday Programmes
Details of holiday sports and activity programmes available for children and young people in Orkney.
Active Schools Monitoring Data
Active Scotland Outcomes Framework (ASOF) Survey.
Hall of Fame
Details about Orkney Sports Awards - Hall of Fame.
Orkney Sports Awards Page
Information on allotments available for lease from Orkney Islands Council.
Campsites and Hostels
Information on Campsites and Hostels in Orkney.
Birsay Outdoor Centre and Campsite
Information on the Birsay Outdoor Centre.
Hoy Centre
Information on the Hoy Centre.
Hoy - Rackwick Outdoor Centre
Information on the Rackwick Outdoor Centre.
Stromness - Point of Ness Campsite
Information on Point of Ness Campsite.
Community Centres
Information on services and facilities available in Town Halls and Community Centres in Kirkwall and Stromness.
Community Sports
Information about community sports.
Club Development
Information relating to the development of sports clubs.
Useful links related to Sports Development and Active Schools.
Get Into Summer
Information about ActiveLife - Orkney’s exciting new leisure scheme offering unlimited access to 12 different sports and leisure venues across the county.
Healthy Living Centres
Information on Healthy Living Centres - community-based fitness suites - in Orkney.
Outdoor Education
Information on Outdoor Education in Orkney.
Play Areas
Locations and details of all of the children's play areas/parks in Orkney.
Playing Fields
Information on Playing Fields that can be booked through Orkney Islands Council.
Pools and Sports Centres
Pools and sports centres operated by Orkney Islands Council.
KGS Sports Centre
Details for the Kirkwall Grammar School Sports Centre including booking details.
Stromness Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre
Information on Stromness Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre, including contact details and opening times.
Stromness Fitness Centre
Opening hours for Stromness Fitness Centre.
North Walls Swimming Pool
Information on North Walls swimming pool, including contact details, prices and opening times.
Sanday Swimming Pool
Information on Sanday Swimming Pool, including contact details and opening times.
Stronsay Swimming Pool
Information on Stronsay Swimming Pool, including contact details, prices and opening times.
Westray Swimming Pool
Information on Westray Swimming Pool, including contact details, prices and opening times.
Pool and Fitness Prices
Prices for Orkney's swimming pools and fitness centres.
Dounby School and Community Centre
Information on the Dounby School and Community Centre, including contact details, prices and opening times.
Libraries - Orkney Library and Archive
Details of services available from Orkney Library and Archive.
Arts, Museums and Heritage
Information on Arts, Museums and Heritage in Orkney.
Museums and Visitor Centres
Information on Museums and Visitor Centres operated by Orkney Islands Council.
Corrigall Farm Museum
Corrigall Farm Museum - a traditional ‘but and ben’ laid out as a typical Orkney farmhouse and steading in Victorian/late 19th century period.
Kirbuster Museum
Information on Kirbuster Museum - the last un-restored example of a traditional ‘firehoose’ in Northern Europe.
Rousay Heritage Centre
The Rousay Heritage Centre - information on the island's archaeology, natural heritage, wildlife habitats, geology and people.
Scapa Flow Museum
Information on Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum.
The Orkney Museum
The Orkney Museum - a collection of international importance.
Recognised Collection of National Significance
The Orkney Museum's archaeology collection is recognised as a collection of national significance under the Government's Recognised Collections Scheme.
Scapa Flow Museum
Heritage Development
Information on Heritage Development by the Arts, Museums and Heritage Service within Orkney Islands Council.
Public Art
The Arts, Museums and Heritage Service operate the Art ...
World War 1 Commemorations
Information and stories to commemorate World War 1.
St Magnus Cathedral
Information on St Magnus Cathedral.
Marine Services
Details of the Marine Services section of Orkney.
Orkney Health and Social Care Partnership
Information on Social Care, Community Health and Wellbeing jointly provided by OIC and NHS Orkney.
Integration Joint Board (IJB)
Information relating to the Integration Joint Board of Orkney Health and Care.
IJB Finance
Information regarding the Integration Joint Board’s financial information, policies, plans, procedures and accounts.
IJB Financial Regulations
Information about the Financial Regulations for the Integrated Joint Board.
IJB Statement of Accounts
Annual Statement of Accounts for the Orkney Integration Joint Board.
IJB Governance
Information on Integration Joint Board Governance.
IJB Strategies and Plans
IJB Strategies and Plans This section sets out the Integration ...
List of Services Delegated to the Integration Joint Board
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan.
Chief Social Work Officer
Details about the role of the Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO) within the Council.
Adult Services Helpdesk
Information on health and care services for adults.
Adult Day Services
Information regarding day centres for older people and adults with physical disabilities.
Adult Residential Care
Information on Residential Care (Care Homes).
St Rognvalds House
Information on St Rognvald's House care home facility.
Smiddybrae House
Information on Smiddybrae House care home facility.
Adult Supported Accommodation
Information on Supported Accommodation for adults.
Adult Social Work Team
Information on services available for older people and adults with disabilities.
Allocation of Residential Care
Information regarding residential care allocation.
Eligibility for Assessment Criteria
Information regarding the eligibility for assessment of needs.
Hospital Discharge
Information regarding support upon discharge from hospital.
Adult Support and Protection
Information on Adult Support and Protection.
Useful Contacts
List of useful contacts for Adult Support and Protection.
Policy and Procedure
Information on Adult Support and Protection Policy and Procedure.
Glossary of Terms
Explanation of Terms used within Adult Support and Protection.
Referral Process
Information on how to make an Adult Support and Protection referral.
All Age Learning Disability Team
Information on the All Age Learning Disability Team, what services they can provide, criteria for referral and details of the referral process.
Carer Support Services
Information on Carer Support Services.
Orkney Health and Care Charges.
Adult Permanent Residential Care Charges
Information on Adult Permanent Residential Care Charges.
Supported Accommodation Charges
Information on Supported Accommodation charges and how to apply.
Direct Payments
Explained - Direct Payments or Self Directed Support.
Deferred payment Scheme
Information on deferred payments.
Complaints, Compliments and Feedback - OHAC
Give feedback, give a compliment or make a complaint regarding services provided by Orkney Health and Care.
Children and Families
Information, advice, guidance and direct practical and therapeutic support to children, young people and their families.
Child Protection
Information on Child Protection for Orkney.
For Children and Young People
Information for children and young people who are worried, concerned or scared about life at home.
Child Protection Training
This page contains information and updates from the Child Protection Committee Subgroup - Child Protection Training.
The Orkney Child Protection Committee
Details about the Orkney Child Protection Committee.
Information for professionals
Information on Fostering in Orkney.
Health Services
Information on Health Services relating to Children and Families.
Orkney Children and Young People’s Partnership
The Orkney Children and Young People’s Partnership, providing a meeting point for all those working with and providing service to children and young people in Orkney.
Support for Young Carers
Information and support for Young Carers in Orkney.
Social Work Team
Children and Families Social Work Team Social Workers are ...
Youth Services
Information on the Social Work Youth Service administered by Orkney Health and Care.
Youth Justice
Information on agencies responsible for dealing with young people.
Information booklets and contact telephone numbers for people whose lives are affected by suicide.
Community Mental Health Team
Information on Mental Health Services for adults and children.
Consultation and Engagement (OHAC)
Information relating to Orkney Health and Care consultations and engagement.
Communication and Engagement Strategy
Orkney Health and Care's Communication and Engagement Strategy.
IJB Consultations and Events
Integration Joint Board consultations and events.
Criminal Justice Team
Information on services relating to offenders, community safety and public protection.
Mental Health Officer Service
Information on the role of the Mental Health Officers Team.
Orkney Domestic Abuse Forum
Orkney Domestic Abuse Forum is a partnership organisation working to reduce and prevent incidents of domestic abuse in Orkney.
Occupational Therapy, Sensory Impairment and Selbro
Information for anyone with community care needs who require help or advice to improve their functional abilities and become more independent.
Performance - OHAC
Performance Framework for Orkney Health and Care.
Primary Care
Information on Primary Care for general practice, community nursing, pharmacy, optician and dental services in Orkney.
Video Library and Case Studies
An ongoing library of videos and case studies regarding the Health and Social Care integration.
We Care - Social Care Jobs
We Care - Have you ever thought about a job in Social Care?
Learning Disability services
Information about learning disability services in Orkney including short breaks and day service.
Care at Home services
Information on Care at Home services - care within an individual's own home.
Planning and Building
Information on the permissions required in order to develop land and buildings.
Information about Development Management and its responsibility for planning applications.
Appeal a Decision
Information on Appealing a planning decision.
Application Search and Submission
Information about the online planning application submission and search process.
Application Types
Information about all types of planning applications.
Information about fish farming application and fees.
Commenting on an Application
Information on how to comment on a planning application and what happens to the comments.
Material Planning Considerations
Information on material planning considerations.
Information on Planning Enforcement.
Report a Planning Breach
Report a planning breach.
Permitted Development
Permitted ...
Pre-Application Advice
Information and advice on whether a planning application is required, and if it is, whether your proposal is likely to be acceptable.
Weekly, Extant and Decision Lists
List of current weekly and extant planning lists, and monthly planning decisions.
Building Standards
Information on all aspects of building or altering property in Orkney.
eBuilding Standards
Information about the online service for building standards applications - eBuilding Standards.
Building Standards Customer Charter
Information on the Building Standards Customer Charter in Orkney.
Performance Matters for Building Standards
Information on performance indicators for building standards in Orkney.
Radon Maps for Scotland
Information on radon affected areas and radon protection measures in Orkney and Scotland.
Building Regulations
Information on Building Regulations and getting advice from the Building Standards Function.
Building Warrants
Information on Building Warrants, their purpose and how to apply for a Building Warrant.
Building Standards - Advice
Information on how to contact the Building Standards Team of Orkney Islands Council.
Building Standards - Forms and Payment Advice
Various Building Standards Forms.
Building Standards - Licences
Information on licences in relation to Building Standards.
Building Warrants - FAQs
Frequently asked questions about building warrants in Orkney.
Demolitions and Dangerous Structures
Information and services available on demolitions and dangerous structures.
Disabled Access
Information on disabled access legislation for services and businesses.
Electrical Work - Existing Premises
Information on electrical installations and alterations to existing domestic premises.
Energy Efficiency Assessment - SAP Ratings
Information on Energy Efficiency Assessments and SAP Ratings.
Health and Safety
Health and safety information relating to Building Standards.
Home Improvement Grants
Information on Home Improvement Grants that may be available through Orkney Islands Council.
Completion Certificates
Council's Building Standards Completion Certificate register.
Public Register
A list of applications for Building Warrants received by Orkney Islands Council.
The Public Register of new building warrant applications received during 2021.
Building Standards Certification
Information on the certifying of design or construction of building works as complying with the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004.
Energy and Regeneration
A range of useful documents and reports relating to Energy and Regeneration and who to contact for Energy Advice.
Information about the Regeneration Team.
Development and Marine Planning (Policy)
Orkney’s terrestrial and marine planning policies and related guidance.
Orkney Local Development Plan
Information about the Orkney Local Development Plan.
The Development Plan Scheme
The Development Plan Scheme 2019.
Planning Policy Advice
Information about Orkney Islands Council's related planning documents.
Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site SPG
Approved supplementary planning guidance, and additional information about World Heritage in Scotland.
Landscape Capacity Study for Wind Energy in Orkney
Landscape Capacity Study for Wind Energy in Orkney.
National Roads Development Guide
National Roads Development Guide.
Planning for Open Space
Information about Planning for Open Space.
Trees and Woodland
Trees and Woodland Supplementary Guidance adopted by Full Council on 29 April 2014.
Development Briefs and Design Statements
Information about Development Briefs and Design Statements Supplementary Guidance (7 October 2014.)
Amenity and Minimising Obtrusive Lighting
The Draft Planning Policy Advice: Amenity and Minimising Obtrusive Lighting will be published for public consultation on 7 November 2019.
Development Briefs
Information on Development Briefs and a list of approved Development Briefs.
Stromness: North End Development Brief
The approved North End, Stromness Development Brief.
Stromness: Orkney Research Campus Development Brief
Orkney Research Campus, Stromness.
Lyness Development Brief
The approved Lyness Development Brief.
Development Management Guidance
Information and guidance on Development Management.
Marine Planning
Information about Marine Planning.
Environmental Assessment of the Orkney Islands Regional Marine Plan
Environmental Assessment of the Orkney Islands Regional Marine Plan Strategic ...
Orkney Marine Environment Project
Information about the Orkney Marine Environment Project, completed in January 2021.
Orkney Marine Planning Partnership
Orkney Marine Planning Partnership information.
Orkney Islands Marine Region: State of the Environment Assessment
The Orkney Islands Marine Region: State of the Environment Assessment provides a summary of the pressures affecting Orkney’s marine and coastal environment.
SEA-Strategic Environmental Assessment
Information on strategic environmental assessments in Orkney.
Housing Land Audit
Information about the Housing Land Audit.
Local Flood Risk Management Plan
Orkney Islands Council Local Flood Risk Management Plan.
Natural and Built Environment
Details of Orkney Islands Council's work in protecting Orkney's Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Areas; associated legislation and Ranger Services.
Built Heritage
Information on the conservation of the natural environment and heritage of Orkney.
Conservation Advice
Information and advice on conservation in Orkney.
Conservation Areas
Information on conservation areas in Orkney.
Listed Buildings
Information on listed buildings in Orkney.
Outdoor Access
Information about Orkney's Outdoor Access Strategy.
Core Paths
An overview of the Core Paths Plan and accompanying maps.
Orkney Local Access Forum - OLAF
Information about the Orkney Local Access Forum.
Natural Heritage
Information on natural heritage in Orkney.
Information on and definition of biodiversity in Orkney.
Local Biodiversity Plan
Information on the Local Biodiversity Action Plan in Orkney.
Wildflower Meadow Creation
Some hints on wildflower meadow creation and ...
Natural Heritage Areas
Details on a range of sites in Orkney that are designated for conservation.
SAC (Special Areas for Conservation)
Details on the 6 Special Areas for Conservation (SAC) in Orkney.
SPA (Special Protection Areas)
Information on the 13 Special Protection Areas in Orkney.
Local Nature Reserves
Information on Orkney's Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) - areas of natural heritage that are locally important.
Ranger Services
Information on Ranger Services in Orkney.
Tree Conservation
Information on tree conservation in Orkney.
Public Toilets
Information on public toilets in Orkney - including a handy map showing their locations.
Roads, Lighting and Parking
Information about matters affecting roads, parking and pavements in Orkney.
Permits and Applications
Permit and Applications relating to road construction consent.
Road Permit Applications
Information about road permit applications.
Dropped Kerbs / New Access
Information about permits for dropped kerbs and creating new access.
Permit to Occupy the Road
Information about licences for any display or temporary construction which may protrude or project over a public highway.
Road Closures and Diversions
Information about traffic regulation relating to road closures and diversions.
Parking and Car Parks
Information about car parks in Orkney.
Parking - Disabled People
Information about parking for disabled people including on-street disabled persons' parking places.
Blue Badge Information
Blue Badge Scheme The scheme is designed to help ...
Parking Fines
Information about parking fines.
Parking Permits
Information about parking permits.
Scottish Welfare Fund
Advice on applying for a crisis grant or community care grant in a financial emergency or disaster.
Information and services for Transport in Orkney.
Air Services
Information on the internal air services available in Orkney.
Information on airfields located on islands in Orkney.
PPR Form
PPR (Prior Permission Required) form for use for island airfields in Orkney.
Bus Services
Information on bus services in Orkney.
Concessionary Travel
Information about eligibility criteria and applying for concessionary travel.
Ferry Services
Information on internal ferry services in Orkney.
Sustainable and Active Travel
Information on environmentally friendly transport in Orkney.
Travel Facilities
Information on travel facilities in Orkney.
Waste and Recycling
Information on waste and recycling in Orkney.
Community Cleaning Initiatives
Information on Community Cleaning initiatives.
Commercial Waste
Information about the collection and disposal of commercial and business waste in Orkney.
Information on spillage of commercial waste in Orkney.
Hazardous Waste Materials
Guidance on how to dispose of domestic hazardous waste materials.
Recycling and Reuse
Information on recycling and reuse in Orkney.
Household Waste Recycling Centres
Information on Household Waste Recycling Centres in Orkney.
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Recycling Lightbulbs
Lightbulbs What and where to ...
Recycling Batteries
Information on recycling batteries in Orkney.
Plastics Recycling in Orkney
Here on Orkney, we accept type 1 (PET) and type 2 (HDPE) plastics bottles only.
Report a Missed Bin
Information on what to do if your bin collection was missed.
Special Refuse Collections - Households
Information on special refuse collection for domestic households in Orkney.
When is my waste or recycling due?
Household waste collections for Isles and Mainland including calendars
Your Household Collection Service - Mainland
Information on domestic household waste and recycling collection in Orkney Mainland.
Your Household Collection Service - Isles
Information on domestic household waste and recycling collection in the Outer Isles.
Welfare Reform
Find out information about the Government's Welfare Reform changes.
Universal Credit
Find information about Universal Credit, including the key features and Scottish concessions, with links to GOV.UK website guidance.
Housing Benefit Under Occupancy
Find out information about Housing Benefit Under Occupancy reductions (Bedroom Tax).
Personal Independence Payment
Find out information about Personal Independence Payments - which have replaced Disability Living Allowance.
Benefits Cap
Find out information about the Benefits Cap.
State Pension Reforms
Find out information about State Pension reforms.
Welfare Reform Act 2012
Find out information about the Welfare Reform Act 2012.
Orkney Health and Care
Meetings and Events
Calendar of events and dates for Orkney Islands Council, Community Councils and schools within Orkney.
Public Holidays
Details of public holidays when Orkney Islands Council will be closed to the public.
Orkney Schools Calendar
Orkney Schools Calendar - with Holidays and Term Dates.
Latest News
News and press releases from Orkney Islands Council.
End of Term Highlights 2017-2022
As we approach the Local Government elections in May, we are often asked what it means to be a Councillor in Orkney. Serving the Orkney community over the past five years has been a privilege and hugely rewarding for all. Whether it is our dedicated, resourceful staff or our voluntary sector partners, the business community, other public services or community groups and members of the public that you’re working with, people are absolutely determined to get the best for Orkney. We haven't always got it right of course, but where mistakes have been made we've acted quickly alongside Council staff to make the required changes - including new checks and balances, revised procedures and improved communication with the public. There's a real 'Team Orkney' drive to make the most of our potential as a rich, compassionate community, as an inspiring place to visit and as a place to enjoy a quality life and career. Produced at a cost of £1232.00 this leaflet provides just a flavour of what has been achieved in this Council term.
End of Term ...
End of Term ...
End of Term ...
End of Term ...
End of Term ...
End of Term ...
A to Z
A to Z of priority pages on the Orkney Islands Council website.
School Website Links
Orkney Grid for Learning with links to useful websites for teachers, pupils and parents.
Book The Papdale Halls for a Group
Lord Lieutenant
Waste and recycling
My Orkney
Covid-19 Waste FAQ
Covid-19 Welfare
Covid-19 Council Tax Reduction
Covid-19 VAO
Covid-19 Staff
Covid-19 Community Resilience Fund
Contact Us
Covid-19 Trade Waste FAQ
Hoy Pre-application Consultation
Covid-19 Waste FAQ
Covid-19 Loan
Covid-19 Loan Guide
Welcome to Orkney
Covid-19 Business
Orkneys Community WInd Farm Project
School Benefit
Covid-19 SDS
Covid-19 Education FAQ
Covid-19 Customer Service
Covid-19 Early Learning FAQ
Faray Pre-application Consultation
Waste Collections Mainland
Sport and Leisure Bookings
We Care
Early Learning and Childcare
Culture Fund
Community Learning and Development Bookings
Community Learning and Development Membership
We Learn
Faray Marine
Rackwick Hostel
Birsay Hostel and Campsite
Hoy Hostel
Ness Campsite
Learning and Development
Stay in Orkney
My Bins
May 21 Elections
We Nurture
Covid-19 Renew
Public Toilets
Free Period Products
Pay for school meals
Community Asset Transfer Requests
Parent Power
Get Into Summer
Community Benefit Scheme
Arts Opportunities
St Magnus Cathedral
Social Media
Public Notices
Low Income Pandemic Payment
Get Involved
VACMA Grants
CLD Plan
Household Waste Recycling Centres
Orkney Gateway Programme
Scottish Flood Forum at 4pm
Scottish Flood Forum at 6pm
Scottish Flood Forum
Orkney Climate Aware
Making Ends Meet
Papdale Halls of Residence
Our People - Our Plan
Our People - Our Plan Video
Road Maintenance
Orkney Matters
Orkney Matters
Orkney Matters
The Learning Link
Orkney Sports Awards
Winter Service Plan - Roads
Winter Safety and Resilience
Early Learning and Childcare Survey
Culture Fund Application Form
Occupational Therapy and Sensory Impairment
Selbro Resource Centre
Orkney Matters
Festive Period Service Arrangements
Join Us
Our Plans
Course Bookings
ActiveLife Login
The Orkney Children and Young People’s Partnership
Pay It
Scapa Flow Museum
Community Learning and Development
Local Government Election 2022
New or replacement bin
Food Safety
End of Term Review 2018-2022
Marine Planning Survey
Marine Planning Survey
School Catering Jobs
Staff Information
Taxis and Private Hire Cars
Bus Route 2 Kirkwall to Houton
Bus Route 3 Kirkwall to Deerness
Bus Route 4 Kirkwall to Airport
Bus Route 5 Stromness to Houton Ferry
Bus Route 6 Kirkwall to Tingwall Ferry, Evie and Birsay
Bus Route 7 Kirkwall to Birsay via Dounby
Bus Route 8S Kirkwall to Skara Brae
Bus Route 9 Kirkwall Town Service
Bus Route X1
Bus Route X10 Hatston Ferry
OIC iLearn
Short Term Let Licences
Community Council Election 2022
Short Term Lets
Summer Holiday Leisure Programme 2022
Report It
Report It
Short Term Lets FAQ
Parent Survey 2022

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