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The A-Z of Services is a list of public services provided by Orkney Islands Council, alphabetically arranged and hyper-linked to the web page where the topic is discussed in greater detail. This is very similar to the way a traditional index, that is usually found to the rear of non-fiction books, works.

Menu Title starting with S
SAC (Special Areas for Conservation) Details on the 6 Special Areas for Conservation (SAC) in Orkney.
Sanday Community Council Minutes of the Sanday Community Council General Meetings in Orkney.
Sanday Swimming Pool Information on Sanday Swimming Pool.
Sandy Cowie Details for Councillor Sandy Cowie.
Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum Information on Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum.
School Catchment Areas Information on catchment areas for primary schools and their associated secondary schools.
School Catering Information on school catering services.
School Contact Information Contact information for schools in Orkney.
School Crossing Patrols Information about School Crossing Patrol Officers.
School Emergency Closures Information on school emergency closures.
School Enrolments Information on school enrolment in Orkney.
School Meals and Clothing Allowances Information about allowances for school meals and clothing.
School Placing Requests Information about placing requests for Orkney schools.
School Transport Information about school transport in Orkney.
School Website Links Orkney Grid for Learning with links to useful websites for teachers, pupils and parents.
Schools Information for schools in Orkney.
Schools FAQs Frequently asked questions related to schools and education.
Scottish Water charges Information on water rates in Orkney.
Scottish Welfare Fund Advice on applying for a crisis grant or community care grant in a financial emergency or disaster.
SEA-Strategic Environmental Assessment Information on strategic environmental assessments in Orkney.
Second Hand Goods Information on applying for a second hand dealers licence.
Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying Information on septic tank and cesspit emptying for domestic households in Orkney.
Service Directory The Service Directory lists all services provided by Orkney Islands Council.
Service Plan and Performance Indicator Monitoring Service plan monitoring reports.
Service Standards and Performance Information on Planning's services standards and performance and the Planning Performance Framework (PPF).
Sex Shops Details of the licensing procedures relating to sex shops in Orkney.
Shapinsay Community Council Minutes of the Shapinsay Community Council General Meetings in Orkney.
Sharing Information Information about partnerships within education.
Sheltered Housing Guidance on our lettings policy in respect of sheltered housing.
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Site map Site map of Orkney.gov.uk
Skin Piercing and Tattooing Information on licensing for businesses offering skin piercing and tattooing in Orkney.
Skin Piercing, Tattooing and Acupuncture Details on applying for a license to operate a skin piercing, tattooing and acupuncture business.
Skip Hire Information on skip hire and skip permits for domestic households in Orkney.
Small Business Bonus Scheme Find out information about the Small Business Bonus Scheme.
Smiddybrae House Information on Smiddybrae House care home facility.
Smoking Policy Information on the Orkney Islands Council Smoking Policy (2009) in Council premises or worksites.
Social media policy The Council's Social Media Policy.
South Ronaldsay and Burray Community Council Details on a General Meeting for the South Ronaldsay and Burray Community Council.
SPA (Special Protection Areas) Information on the 13 Special Protection Areas in Orkney.
Special General Meeting of the Council - 14 January 2021 Special General Meeting of the Council - 14 January 2021.
Special General Meeting of the Council - 17 December 2020 Special General Meeting of the Council - 17 December 2020.
Special Refuse Collections - Households Information on special refuse collection for domestic households in Orkney.
Speed Humps Information on the placement and maintenance of speed humps in Orkney.
Spillage Information on spillage of commercial waste in Orkney.
Sport and Leisure Sports and Leisure facilities in Orkney.
Sports Leaders UK Information on Sports Leaders UK courses run within Orkney.
St Andrews and Deerness Community Council Details on a General Meeting for the St Andrews and Deerness Community Council.
St Magnus Cathedral Information on St Magnus Cathedral.
St Magnus Cathedral Sub-committee St Magnus Cathedral Sub-Committee - Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
St Rognvalds House Information on St Rognvald's House care home facility.
Staffing Information regarding the staffing at the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Standard Terms and Conditions of Contracts Orkney Islands Council's Standard Terms and Conditions of Contracts for goods and services.
State Pension Reforms Find out information about State Pension reforms.
Statement of Accounts Archive of Orkney Islands Council's Statement of Accounts.
Statement of Accounts 2019-2020 Statement of Accounts 2019 - 2020 The purpose of ...
Statistics Information on Orkney Islands Council's Statistics.
Statutory Consultation Report Lettings Policy Statutory Consultation Report: Lettings Review - January 2020 The ...
Statutory Performance Indicator Monitoring Statutory Performance Indicators, year by year for Orkney Islands Council.
Stephen Clackson Details for Councillor Stephen Clackson.
Steve Sankey Details for Councillor Steve Sankey.
Steven Heddle Details for Councillor Steven Heddle.
Strategic and Service Level Plans Orkney Islands Council Strategic and Service Level Plans.
Strategy and Policy Information and copies of the Orkney Islands Councils' housing related strategies and policies.
Street Lighting Information on street lighting in Orkney and how to report a fault.
Street Name Plates Details on the provision and maintenance of street name plates.
Street Trading Information on licences issued by Orkney Islands Council for street trading.
Stromness Community Council Details on all the meetings to the current date for the Stromness Community Council.
Stromness Fitness Centre Opening hours for Stromness Fitness Centre.
Stromness Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre Information on Stromness Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre.
Stromness: North End Development Brief The approved North End, Stromness Development Brief.
Stromness: Orkney Research Campus Development Brief Orkney Research Campus, Stromness.
Stronsay Community Council Details on all the meetings held to date for the Stronsay Community Council.
Stronsay Swimming Pool Information on Stronsay Swimming Pool.
Student Support Information about support available to students while they are studying.
Sub-Committees Sub-Committees' Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Support for Adults with Incapacity Information regarding the support available for adults with incapacity.
Support for Parents/Carers Support for Parents and Carers.
Support for Young Carers Information and support for Young Carers in Orkney.
Supported Accommodation Information regarding the different types of supported accommodation available in the county.
Supported Accommodation Charges Supported Accommodation charges.
Sustainable and Active Travel Information on environmentally friendly transport in Orkney.
Sustainable Development Information on how to access reports and publications relating to sustainable development.
Sustainable Energy Strategy for Orkney Information on a Sustainable energy strategy in Orkney.
Sustainable Procurement Sustainable Procurement Policy 2013 - 2015.

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