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The A-Z of Services is a list of public services provided by Orkney Islands Council, alphabetically arranged and hyper-linked to the web page where the topic is discussed in greater detail. This is very similar to the way a traditional index, that is usually found to the rear of non-fiction books, works.

Menu Title starting with R
Race Equality Scheme Information on the Race Equality Scheme.
Rachael King Details for Councillor Rachael King.
Rackwick Outdoor Centre Information on the Rackwick Outdoor Centre.
Radon Information on Radon and how it can affect homes and workplaces in Orkney.
Radon Maps for Scotland Information on radon affected areas and radon protection measures in Orkney and Scotland.
Rail Travel Information on rail travel to and from Orkney.
Raised Structures Information on licences for permission to use a raised structure for the purpose of providing raised seating or standing accommodation.
Ranger Services Information on Ranger Services in Orkney.
Recognised Collection of National Significance The Orkney Museum's archaeology collection is recognised as a collection of national significance under the Government's Recognised Collections Scheme.
Records Management Records Management Policy.
Recycling and Reuse Information on recycling and reuse in Orkney.
Recycling Batteries Information on recycling batteries in Orkney.
Referral Process Information on how to make an Adult Support and Protection referral.
Regeneration Information about the Regeneration Team.
Register to vote Information on registering to vote in local, Scottish and UK elections.
Registrars Information about Registrars in Orkney.
Renewable Energy Relief Find out information on Renewable Energy Rates Relief.
Renewables Information on renewables in Orkney.
Rent Arrears Information regarding rent arrears for Orkney Islands Council tenants.
Rent Arrears for Landlords Information for landlords on how to deal with rent arrears.
Rent Deposit Information for landlords regarding rent deposits.
Rent Payment Information regarding rent payments for Orkney Islands Councils' houses.
Repairing and Improving Private Property Information for individuals looking to repair or improve private properties.
Report a Missed Bin Information on what to do if your bin collection was missed.
Report a Planning Breach Report a planning breach.
Resolving Disagreements Information about resolving disagreements.
Resources Details of Active Schools resources available for community use.
Responsiveness to its Communities Information on how to access reports and publications on Council consultations and engagements.
Results by Ward Results of the 2017 Local Government Election in Orkney on 4 May 2017.
Reuse of information and copyright Details for reuse of information and copyright.
Revenue Estimates Archive of Orkney Islands Council's Revenue Estimates.
Revenues and Service Costs Information on how to access reports and publications relating to revenues and service costs.
RIPSA Information about the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Scotland Act.
Road Bridges Information on road bridges and their maintenance plans.
Road Closures and Diversions Information about traffic regulation relating to road closures and diversions.
Road Furniture Details on the provision and maintenance of street furniture provided by the Council.
Road Maintenance Information about road maintenance.
Road Markings, Signs and Traffic Calming Information about the provision and maintenance of road markings, signs and traffic calming measures.
Road Permit Applications Information about road permit applications.
Road Safety Plan Information on the Road Safety Plan.
Road Signs Information on the Council's responsibility for installing and maintaining signs to regulate traffic and to provide warnings to drivers of hazards ahead.
Roads and Environmental Services Information on Roads and Environmental Services in Orkney.
Roads and Lighting Information on how to access reports and publications relating to roads and lighting.
Roads Maintenance and Management Plan Information about Orkney Islands Council's Roads Maintenance and Management Plan.
Roads, Lighting and Parking Information about matters affecting roads, parking and pavements in Orkney.
Rob Crichton Details for Councillor Rob Crichton.
Rousay Heritage Centre Information on the Rousay Heritage Centre.
Rousay, Egilsay, Wyre and Gairsay Community Council Minutes of the Rousay, Egilsay. Wyre and Gairsay Community Council General Meetings in Orkney.
RSS Feeds RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds for Orkney Islands Council and how to subsribe.
Rural Rates Relief Find out information about Rural Rates Relief.
Rural Shop Improvement Scheme Information on the Rural Shop Improvement Scheme.

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