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The A-Z of Services is a list of public services provided by Orkney Islands Council, alphabetically arranged and hyper-linked to the web page where the topic is discussed in greater detail. This is very similar to the way a traditional index, that is usually found to the rear of non-fiction books, works.

Menu Title starting with O
Occasional Licences Details of the occasional licence register and the current and previous licences.
Occupational Therapy and Sensory Impairment Information for anyone with community care needs who require help or advice to improve their functional abilities and become more independent.
OHAC Committee - 8 September 2021 Orkney Health and Care Committee - 8 September 2021
OHAC Strategic Plan Orkney Health and Care Strategic Commissioning Plan.
OIALB Equality Impact Assessments Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board Equality Impact Assessments.
OIC Facebook guide Find out how OIC uses Facebook as part of wider public communications.
OIC Resources for Parents and Parent Councils OIC resources for parents and parents councils.
OIC Twitter guide Find out what you can expect from Orkney Islands Council's Twitter page.
OIC Updates This page features links and contact details to help you access urgent and important information about changes to Council services.
Orkney Marine Planning Partnership Orkney Marine Planning Partnership information.
Orkney Arts Forum Orkney Arts Forum supports the development of arts and culture within Orkney.
Orkney Childcare and Young People’s Partnership The Orkney Childcare and Young People’s Partnership, providing a meeting point for all those working with and providing service to children and young people in Orkney.
Orkney Domestic Abuse Forum Orkney Domestic Abuse Forum is a partnership organisation working to reduce and prevent incidents of domestic abuse in Orkney.
Orkney Economy Information on the latest data of Orkney's Economy.
Orkney Employability Partnership Information on the Orkney Employability Partnership.
Orkney Health and Care Information on Social Care, Community Health and Wellbeing jointly provided by OIC and NHS Orkney.
Orkney Housing Association Ltd Information for Orkney Housing Association Tenants.
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 2 September 2021 Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - 2 September 2021.
Orkney Islands Council Audio Casting Listen live to audio casting of meetings from the Orkney Islands Council Chamber.
Orkney Islands Marine Region: State of the Environment Assessment The Orkney Islands Marine Region: State of the Environment Assessment provides a summary of the pressures affecting Orkney’s marine and coastal environment.
Orkney Islands Property Development Ltd Information regarding Orkney Islands Property Development Ltd.
Orkney Lets Private lets currently available in Orkney.
Orkney Local Access Forum - OLAF Information about the Orkney Local Access Forum.
Orkney Local Development Plan Information about the Orkney Local Development Plan.
Orkney Local Licensing Forum Information about the Local Licensing Forum.
Orkney Local Licensing Forum Agendas and Reports Agendas and reports from the Orkney Local Licensing Forum.
Orkney Marine Environment Project Information about the Orkney Marine Environment Project, completed in January 2021.
Orkney Schools Calendar Orkney Schools Calendar - with Holidays and Term Dates.
Orkney Transition Planning Guidance Orkney Transition Planning Guidance and Procedures - Transition to Post-School Services.
Orkney Youth Voice Orkney Youth Voice - Find out how OIC helps young people have their say.
Orkney's Community Wind Farm Project An overview of Orkney's Community Wind Farm project, including links to additional information.
Orphir Community Council Minutes of the Orphir Community Council General Meetings in Orkney.
Our Meetings Dates and details of Council Meetings.
Our Plans Information about Orkney Islands Councils long term plans.
Our Policies Information on Council Policies.
Our Services The Service Directory lists all services provided by Orkney Islands Council.
Our Structure Details of the organisational structure of Orkney Islands Council.
Out of hours Emergency contact details for Orkney Islands Council services.
Outdoor Access Information about Orkney's Outdoor Access Strategy.
Outdoor Education Information on Outdoor Education in Orkney.
Overpayments Information on overpayment of housing benefits in Orkney.
Owen Tierney Details for Councillor Owen Tierney.
Owner Occupier Information for owner occupiers.

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Telephone: 01856 873535

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