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The A-Z of Services is a list of public services provided by Orkney Islands Council, alphabetically arranged and hyper-linked to the web page where the topic is discussed in greater detail. This is very similar to the way a traditional index, that is usually found to the rear of non-fiction books, works.

Menu Title starting with C
Campsites and Hostels Information on Campsites and Hostels in Orkney.
Carbon Management Programme Information on the Carbon Management Programme.
Care and Repair Information regarding the services provided by Care and Repair.
Care at Home services Information on Care at Home services - care within an individual's own home.
Care Inspectorate Information regarding the Care Inspectorate's role in the services provided by the Papdale Halls of Residence.
Carer Support Services Information on Carer Support Services.
Charges Orkney Health and Care Charges.
Charities and Non Profit Making Organisations Find out information about rates relief for Charities and Non profit Making Organisations.
Chief Social Work Officer Details about the role of the Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO) within the Council.
Child Performance Licence Information and guidance about applying for Child Performance Licences.
Child Protection Information on Child Protection for Orkney.
Child Protection and Children's Social Work Information on how to access reports and publications relating to child protection and children's social work.
Child Protection Training This page contains information and updates from the Child Protection Committee Subgroup - Child Protection Training.
Children and Families Information, advice, guidance and direct practical and therapeutic support to children, young people and their families.
ChooseLife Information booklets and contact telephone numbers for people whose lives are affected by suicide.
Civic Government Licences - Approved Licence Lists List of applications approved under delegated powers, the Civic Government Scotland Act 1982.
Civic Government Licensing Information about Civic Government Licensing.
Civil Partnerships Information about civil partnerships.
Clerks to Community Councils Contact details of the Clerks for the various Community Councils in Orkney.
Club Development Information relating to the development of sports clubs.
Commenting on an Application Information on how to comment on a planning application and what happens to the comments.
Commercial Waste Information about the collection and disposal of commercial and business waste in Orkney.
Committees The Committees Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Committees, Sub-committees and Boards Details of Council committees and meetings.
Communication and Engagement Strategy Orkney Health and Care's Communication and Engagement Strategy.
Community Asset Transfer Requests Information about Community Asset Transfer Requests.
Community Care Information on how to access reports and publications relating to community care.
Community Centres Information on services and facilities available in Town Halls and Community Centres in Kirkwall and Stromness.
Community Cleaning Initiatives Information on Community Cleaning initiatives.
Community Conversations A summary of the main issues raised by local people during Orkney Islands Council’s Community Conversation meetings held in June 2018.
Community Council Elections - 2022 Community Council Elections - 2022 Community Councils play an ...
Community Councils Information on Community Councils in Orkney, with map showing Community Council areas.
Community Development Information on Community Development in Orkney.
Community Learning and Development Information about Community Learning and Development in Orkney.
Community Learning Classes Community Learning classes and courses available in Orkney.
Community Planning Details of the Council's joint working with local organisations to provide services to the local community.
Community Sports Information about community sports.
Community Transport Information on bus services in Orkney.
Complaints Procedure Information about Orkney Islands Council's complaints procedure.
Complaints, Compliments and Feedback Information about the complaints, compliments and feedback procedure regarding Orkney Islands Council's services.
Complaints, Compliments and Feedback - OHAC Give feedback, give a compliment or make a complaint regarding services provided by Orkney Health and Care.
Completion Certificates Council's Building Standards Completion Certificate register.
Concessionary Travel Information about eligibility criteria and applying for concessionary travel.
Conservation Advice Information and advice on conservation in Orkney.
Conservation Areas Information on conservation areas in Orkney.
Consultation and Engagement (OHAC) Information relating to Orkney Health and Care consultations and engagement.
Contact Us Contact details for Orkney Islands Council.
Contact Us - Housing and Homelessness Contact information for Orkney Islands Council's Housing and Homelessness Sections.
Contact Us / Find us Information on how to contact and find the Papdale Halls of Residence.
contactSCOTLAND BSL Information about contactSCOTLAND, the online British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting service.
Contract Standing Orders Details of Orkney Islands Council's Contract Standing Orders.
Contracts Register Live contracts currently in place for Orkney Islands Council and Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority.
Cooling Tower Registration Information on the registration of cooling towers and evaporative condensers in Orkney.
Coordinated Support Plans Information on Coordinated Support Plans.
COP 26 Webinars COP 26 Webinars The Council hosted a series of ...
Core Paths An overview of the Core Paths Plan and accompanying maps.
Corporate Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023 Information on the Corporate Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023.
Corrigall Farm Museum Corrigall Farm Museum - a traditional ‘but and ben’ laid out as a typical Orkney farmhouse and steading in Victorian/late 19th century period.
Cost of living grant scheme - FAQs Cost of Living Grant Scheme Frequently Asked Questions How do I ...
Council Charges Details of the fees and charges which relate to all Council services for 2023 to 2024.
Council Homes for rent Council homes currently available for let.
Council Housing Information for council tenants.
Council Plan Orkney Islands Council’s key priorities and targets.
Council Plan Monitoring Council Plan monitoring reports which show how well we are meeting our key priorities and targets.
Council Service Plans Services and activities provided by the Council.
Council Strategic Planning Framework Information on the Council's Strategic Planning Framework.
Council Tax Information on council tax at Orkney Islands Council.
Councillors Information about Orkney Islands Council's Councillors and Committees.
Councillors Details of Councillors in the Orkney Isles.
Covert Human Intelligence Source Information, policy and procedure regarding the operation of Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS) activities.
Covert Surveillance Information about Covert Surveillance (CS).
Creative Learning Network The Creative Learning Network - aims to promote and facilitate creative learning in schools and support the creative curriculum.
Criminal Justice Social Work Information on how to access reports and publications relating to criminal justice social work.
Criminal Justice Team Information on services relating to offenders, community safety and public protection.
Criminal Record Checks Information on criminal record checks for posts where these are necessary.
Cross Contamination Advice to food businesses on controlling cross contamination of E Coli 0157
Cultural and Community Services Information on how to access reports and publications relating to cultural and community services.
Current Consultations - Housing Services Information regarding Orkney Islands Councils' current housing related consultations.
Current Register of Premises and Personal Licences Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board - Current Register of Premises and Personal Licence information.
Curriculum for Excellence Information about the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence in Orkney.
Customer Services Information on Customer Services at Orkney Islands Council.

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