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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the usual questions we get asked about The Learning Link.  Click on the question to see the answer:-



Q:    What can I do at The Learning Link?

A:    We can help you brush up on your maths, English or digital skills and more.

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Q:    Will I just be on my own?

A:    Tuition is offered in small groups, but one-to-one may be arranged.

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Q:    How much does it cost?

A:    All the tuition we provide is free.

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Q:    I work during the day.  Can I come in at the weekend or evenings?

A:    We generally teach and support during the day, but evenings and/or weekends may be available, depending if a tutor is available for this

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Q:    How long are the classes?

A:    The time you will spend at The Learning Link will normally be between one  and two hours a week, but we expect our students to practise at home.

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Q:    I didn’t like school – will it be like that?

A:    You will work at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere with an understanding tutor.

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Q:    Will I have to do a test or sit an exam?

A:    You don’t have to do any tests or exams, but if you do wish accreditation in Literacy and / or numeracy, you are able to take an SQA qualification here at The Learning Link.

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Q:    Will there be other people like me?

A:    Yes, 1 in 4 adults have difficulties with reading, writing and / or maths.  All our learners are motivated adults (post-school), and come from all over Orkney, including the isles.

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