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Tree Conservation

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

Tree Preservation Orders are made by a Planning Authority under the Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation Order and Trees in Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Regulations 1975-84. They are an effective means of protecting individual trees, groups of trees or woodlands, where the removal of or damage to those trees could have a negative impact on the public amenity of an area. They form a legal constraint permanently attached to the title of the land where the trees are located.

Current TPOs

Within Orkney, there are currently:

  • 150 individual tree preservation orders.
  • 18 group tree preservation orders.
  • 1 woodland tree preservation order.

Applying to carry out works to a tree protected by a TPO

If you are considering any works to a protected tree, or to find out whether a tree is protected, please contact Development Management.

No works should be undertaken to a tree covered by a TPO without the consent of the Council.

The maximum penalty for illegal works to a protected tree is a £20,000 fine. Replacement planting may also be required.

Other Tree Protection

Trees are not only protected by TPOs. The ways in which a tree may be protected are as follows:

  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO).

  • Trees within designated conservation areas.

  • Trees protected by a condition as part of a planning consent.

A Trees and Woodland Supplementary Guidance has now been adopted, and can be downloaded from the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

If you wish to carry out any works to trees within a conservation area, or for any other tree advice, contact Development Management on 01856873535, or by email.

The Orkney Woodland Group page can be accessed from the 'More pages in this section' menu.

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