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Play Areas in Stromness

You can find details of all the play areas in Stromness below. We have provided location details of each play area and the equipment you can expect to find on your visit.


Bench (wooden), swings (2 bay 2 cradle) and mound slide.


Picnic table - wooden, bench - wooden, swing (1 bay 1 cradle), elephant springer, playhouse, swings (1 bay 2 seat) and playhouse with slide.

Marwick Park

Picnic table (wooden), spider climbing frame, slide, climbing frame, group swing, playhouse, and swings (1 bay 2 seat).

Pumpwell Park

Bench (wooden), swings (1 bay 2 seat) and climbing frame.

South End

Bench (wooden), picnic table (wooden), mound slide, bike springer, climbing frame and swings (1 bay 2 seat).

Community Centre

Bench (wooden), picnic table (wooden), sheep springer, speciality train, beam walk, play house, sand pit, crazy daisy and slide.