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Orkney ‘Releasing Time to Care’ Integration Pilot Project

‘Releasing Time to Care’ is the name of an approach that was introduced to NHS Boards in Scotland in 2009. It is a toolkit to help teams improve the quality of the services they provide by reducing waste and duplication, freeing up time that was not being spent efficiently, so it can be reinvested in time spent caring for people. The process involves teams identifying areas where they think they can make improvements then using the tools provided to help them to plan and make those improvements, and then evaluate the difference that it makes.

Orkney Health and Care took part in a pilot project to test the use of this technique to support integration of services. The project focused on a Care Home and its associated Community Care staff and Primary Care team in the West Mainland.

The project enabled 6 staff to be trained as trainers in ‘Releasing Time to Care’ facilitation and to lead the project. The staff involved embraced this process enthusiastically, and have undertaken some excellent pieces of work that they are rightly proud to share. The attached video clip shows evidence of their commitment and energy, and the positive results.

Since the pilot project we have extended the approach and there are now three Care Homes using the tool kit. They have all taken on different projects and have shared their learning which each other to further increase the spread of good practice.

You can view a 'Releasing Time to Care' short film from the 'Related Sites' section of this page.

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