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Public Toilets

There are many public toilets throughout Orkney which provide an essential amenity for all residents, businesses and visitors alike.  You can view a map of these facilities by clicking the button below.

Most of our facilities are usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but there maybe times when we need to close them temporarily for cleaning and maintenance.  You can find information on what Covid-19 measures we are taking in the frequently asked questions section below.     

Frequently asked questions

Orkney’s public toilets had to be closed at the start of lockdown in March 2020. What needed to happen for them to open again?

Hygiene and physical distancing requirements meant that considerable work was needed at each site before the toilets opened again. We needed to make quite a lot of physical changes to our public toilets in order to meet Scottish Government guidance. We also had to arrange to clean them more often. This meant that we re-opened toilets in batches – but all are now open to the public.

What changes will I see?

You will notice quite a few changes inside and outside the toilets. Please follow the instructions we’re providing in order to minimise any risks to yourself and our cleaning staff. You are asked to follow physical distancing markers outside the toilet, and not all the facilities inside the toilet will be available. Because of this, please allow a little longer for your visit as you may need to wait for the toilets to be free. The toilets need to be cleaned more frequently, and we are providing liquid soap for you to use to wash your hands, as well as a supply of cleaning products as required. We would ask everyone to please leave the soap and the cleaning products in the toilets for the next person to use - please do not take them away with you.

Are the toilets safe to use?

There is still some element of risk around using public toilets, and that is why we are having to make the changes described above. We follow the guidance provided by the Scottish Government.

How are you looking after your cleaners?

We carried out risk assessments for each site and also a general risk assessment for the process of cleaning the toilets during the pandemic. All of our staff were briefed on any changes to their working practices and equipment, including PPE where needed, is provided.

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