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The Integrated Joint Board (IJB) requires an information and reporting structure which enables the Board to assess the effectiveness of delegated services through a core set of indicators which measure performance through local and national indicators and targets for improvement. The following list represents the types of performance reports which will be subject to scrutiny by the IJB:

  • An annual work plan from the Chief Officer setting out the key objectives for the year against the delivery of the strategic plan.
  • Finance Reports.
  • Performance reports against the Health and Wellbeing Outcomes.
  • Regulation and scrutiny activity.
  • Child and Adult protection.
  • Service Plans.
  • Clinical and Care Governance reports to be assured of the delivery of safe and effective services.
  • Communication and Engagement report.
  • Staff governance and workforce planning report.
  • Improvement and Co-Production Plan.
  • Risk management reports.

The performance framework has been developed to provide information on current performance and explore shifts in performance trends over time, where available and appropriate. The information will support the production of the Partnership’s Annual Performance Report and will enable it to report on the areas specified in Regulation, including the following:

  • Progress on the delivery of the national health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Information on performance against key indicators or measures.
  • How the strategic planning and locality arrangements have contributed to delivering services that reflect the integration principles.
  • Details of any review of the Strategic Plan within the reporting year.
  • An overview of the financial performance of the Integration Authority.
  • The extent to which the Integration Authority has moved resources from institutional to community-based care and support, by reference to changes in the proportion of the budget spent on each type of care and support.

A data dictionary will be developed to identify the structure behind the collation and processing of information in relation to indicators. Among other items, it records what data is stored, gives a description of the indicator, and provides the sources and characteristics of each data element.

The Scottish Government has prescribed a set of 9 Health and Wellbeing Outcomes and associated suite of National Core Integration Indicators, which all Health and Social Care Partnerships across Scotland should achieve through Integration.

A Finance and Performance group has been established to provide the scrutiny and analysis over the performance areas. This group will provide regular performance reports to the IJB and The Chief Officer will give consideration as to the frequency of the reporting.

Integration Indicators

This integrated framework provides accountability against the nine National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes for adults and older people, and also includes the key national Children’s and Criminal Justice Service outcomes which relate to the ‘Scotland Performs’ National Outcomes for Scotland.

Local measures are included in this Framework to further strengthen and support strategic planning and service delivery and evidence performance against national outcomes.

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