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Occupational Therapy, Sensory Impairment and Selbro

The Occupational Therapy, Sensory Impairment and Selbro Resource Centre can provide assistance to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with managing their daily living tasks because of a disability, their age or health. Our Sensory Impairment Team undertake specialist assessments to look at any specific needs in relation to sight and/or hearing loss.

The service for children with disabilities is generally provided via the NHS Orkney Paediatric Occupational Therapists. We work together where there is a need for more major adaptation works to be carried out. They are based at Peedie Sea Centre at the Glaitness School.

We can give information, advice and support to help you be as independent as you can be. We can help you look at all aspects of your daily routines and work with you to find ways of overcoming difficulties you may have because of your age, health or disability. This might include how you manage your personal care tasks, coping with your own domestic tasks or finding satisfying ways of spending your work/leisure time depending upon what you feel your priorities are.

If you have additional support needs the Community Occupational Therapists and the Rehabilitation Officer can also undertake assessments for Self Directed Support and help you to access other services. You can have a copy of your assessments. Copies can be provided in alternative formats on request where required, please just ask.

Information, advice, equipment and adaptations

Many people can be helped to live independently without the need for extra equipment or adaptations for example, learning energy conservation techniques to manage fatigue and improve your ability to carry out important activities or training in techniques to protect your joints to maintain range of movement and reduce strain/further damage or learning new skills to help you cope with a sight or hearing loss.

A range of equipment is available for long term loan if this is the best way of helping you. Many everyday domestic and personal care items are available in local shops or via the Orkney Disability Forum. Some of these are on show at the Selbro Resource Centre so that you can try out first. Information and advice can also be given about other equipment which we do not supply.

Under the Direct Payments Act (1996) we can make arrangements to make a direct payment for you to purchase specialist equipment you have been assessed as needing. This means that instead of us supplying the equipment, you would buy it yourself. However, we must be satisfied that you needed the equipment and that you are able to manage the direct payment appropriately. Any direct payments that are not used appropriately must be paid back to us.

If, following your assessment, an adaptation is required a member of the Occupational Therapy Service can give advice and support for home adaptations to meet disability needs and make a recommendation for the adaptation to be installed. They will work with you and your housing provider (Orkney Islands Council Housing Division, Orkney Housing Association) or Orkney Care and Repair (for private properties) to look at helping you to be as independent as you can be to in your own home. The process for arranging and funding the adaptation will vary depending on whether it is classed as being a minor or major adaptation and on who owns the property.

  • Minor adaptations - These are small adaptations that are inexpensive and easily completed. They include the installation of grab rails, external handrails, and banisters. See further information regarding the Minor Adaptations Direct scheme in “frequently asked questions”.
  • Major adaptations - These adaptations may require altering the structure or fabric of the building. Depending on the work involved, it may require planning permission and / or a building warrant. Works may include shower installations or ramps. A major adaptation can only be recommended if you are assessed as needing it in line with current criteria for assistance.
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