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Living with COVID-19

All COVID-specific legal restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away. Thanks to vaccination and new treatments, ongoing risks from COVID are now similar to other risks in everyday life, and can be managed in a similar way.

What do I need to do in my everyday life?

There are no longer any legal requirements around what you can and cannot do in everyday life. It is still sensible to take some measures to reduce risks from COVID, as we manage other risks of everyday life, such as by wearing seatbelts in a car. You can find current advice from the Scottish Government here:

How should I manage the risks of COVID in my business or organisation?

Whilst there is no longer COVID-specific legislation in place, businesses and organisations are required to manage the risks of COVID in the same way as other risks in everyday life, through health and safety legislation.

The Scottish Government Staying Well Signage Scheme provides a checklist of suggestions for a COVID-secure environment, none of which are compulsory, which can be used flexibly to manage risks around COVID. Completing this checklist will give you a poster which can be displayed to provide reassurance to staff and customers.

Ventilation is particularly relevant to reducing the spread of COVID.

If after reading the above, you feel that you are in need of further specialist advice, you can contact Environmental Health on or call 01856 873535 ext 2801. Environmental Health may also be able to provide CO2 monitors on short term loan, to aid in assessing ventilation.

Can I travel to Orkney?

Visitors are welcome.

Information for people visiting Orkney can be found at

Travel requirements for people entering or leaving Scotland can be found at

I have COVID, what should I do?

The latest NHS guidance is available at

How can I get vaccinated?

Call the NHS Orkney vaccination centre on 0300 303 5313, for more information see

I was on the Highest Risk or Shielding list

More information for people previously on the Highest Risk list, or who are immunosuppressed, can be found at

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