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Play Areas in Kirkwall

You can find details of all the play areas in Kirkwall below. We have provided location details of each play area and the equipment you can expect to find on your visit.

Brandyquoy Park

Picnic table, sand play unit, playhouse (2), bike springer, seesaw, multi seesaw, swing (1 cradle), net climber and slide.


Bench (wooden slat), swings (2 bay, 2 seat, 1 cradle) and multi-play.


Multi-play, swings (1 bay, 2 cradle), roundabout, hippo springer, teenage shelter, basket swing, overhead rotator, cable runway swings (1 bay, 2 seat) and bench (wooden).

Glaitness School

Multi-play with slide.


Bench (wooden slat), swing (1 bay, 1 cradle), swings (1 bay, 2 seat) and climbing frame.

Manse Road

Bench (wooden slat), swing (1 bay, 2 seat), swing (1 bay, 1 cradle) and sheep springer.

Papdale East

Picnic table (wooden), swings (2 bay, 2 seat), swings (1 bay, 2 cradle), tyre climber, bike springer, rocking rocket, play house, igloo, group swing and teenage shelter.

Papdale Primary

Climbing frame, multi play with 2 slides, 'A' frame climber, parallel bars and wobble board.

Peedie Breeks

Misc springer, spring seesaw, play house (2) and tree house.

Watson Close



Bench (steel), grind rail, grind bench (2), combination ramp (2) and grind box (2).


Bench (wooden), mound slide and swings (2 bay, 2 seat).

The Pickaquoy Centre

Alien climbing unit, Atlanta arena courts and action pack (Missouri) climbing unit.


Bench (wooden), bench (wooden slat), swings (2 bay, 2 seat, 2 cradle), lion springer, multi-play, talk tubes, roundabout and games panel.