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Integration Jargon Buster


Combining or joining together. In this case, it means health and social care services working closer together to improve services for individuals and communities in Orkney.

Adult Care

Includes all aspects of health and social work services which give care (physical, emotional, mental and medical) and support, including elements of housing and local community services, to all people aged 16 years and over.


Localities means areas or a number of communities. In integration terms it will be how a number of neighbourhoods/places are combined to create a ‘locality’ for the purposes of setting and allocating budgets, monitoring information and identifying difference and the needs of people living in those localities.

Strategic Commissioning Plan

The Strategic Commissioning Plan is at the heart of integration and is intended to be the means by which services are redesigned in an integrated way to improve the quality and coherence of care for people using them.

Each Integration Authority must put in place a Strategic Commissioning Plan for functions and budgets under its control. These will be co-produced via a strategic planning group whose members will include representatives of non-statutory partners, service-users and service-user representatives.


Delegation is the process used to integrate functions, by giving responsibility for health and social care functions to a single body.

Integration Joint Board

Where the Body Corporate model is adopted, the NHS Board and Local Authority will create an Integration Joint Board made up of representatives from the Health Board, the Local Authority, the Third and Independent Sectors and those who use health and social care services. The Integration Joint Board, through its Chief Officer, will have the responsibility for the planning, resourcing and the operational oversight of integrated services within the strategic plan.

Integration Scheme

An Integration Scheme is the agreement made between the Health Board and the Local Authority. It sets out the make-up of the Integration Authority and how it will work. The Health Board and the Local Authority must submit their draft Integration Scheme to Scottish Ministers for approval. Integration Schemes must be reviewed by the Health Board and Local Authority at least every five years.

Voluntary and Independent Sector

The independent sector is privately owned services that are contracted out or commissioned to provide a service on behalf of NHS Orkney or Orkney Islands Council. The voluntary sector consists of non-profit-making organisations, as opposed to the public and private sectors. Registered charities for example would be part of the voluntary sector.

Chief Officer

Means the Chief Officer of the Integration Joint Board whose role is defined in section 7 of Orkney’s Integration Scheme.

Chief Financial Officer

Means the officer responsible for the administration of Integration financial affairs.

Schemes of Delegation

This is referred to in the Integration Scheme. Schemes of delegation set out the working methods, practice and responsibilities of (in this case) the NHS and Orkney Islands Council to which either organisation will delegate certain functions of powers to make decisions in line with relevant laws and by-laws.

Transitional Period

In this case, we are referring to the period prior to the enactment of Scottish Law when the Integrated Joint Board becomes legally responsible for the services that will be delegated to it by NHS Orkney and Orkney Islands Council – in this case, April 2016.

Integrated Performance Management Framework

This is referred to in the Integration Scheme. A performance management framework is a set of appropriate targets and indictors by which the success of a service, services or individual can be monitored. In the public sector there is a significant number of performance indicators and targets prescribed by Government and in this case there are a number of Scottish health and social care outcomes that we must measure ourselves against. Integrated means that we will take aspects of the Orkney Islands Council system and NHS Orkney and create one seamless performance management framework for the new Integrated Joint Board by April 2016.

Clinical and Care Governance

A framework through which NHS organisations, social work and social care services are accountable for continually improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

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