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IJB Governance

This section sets out the Integration Joint Board’s governance information, policies, plans and procedures.

Freedom of Information Policy

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (usually known as FOISA or FOI) aims to increase openness and accountability in government and across the public sector by making sure that people have the right to access information held by Scottish public authorities. This includes environmental information which is covered by the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (known as the EIRs). FOI and the EIRs therefore apply to all recorded information held by the Integration Joint Board for Orkney, (with the exception of personal information).

The Integration Joint Board is a Scottish Public Authority for the purposes of FOI legislation.

This Policy provides advice and guidance to staff that are responsible for handling FOI requests, but is also aimed at members of the public who want to understand their rights and know what to expect, under the Integration Joint Board’s policy.

In light of the Integration Joint Board having delegated responsibility for the delivery of a wide range of services within Adult and Children’s Social Care and Health Services, an FOI request may be more appropriately dealt with through either NHS Orkney or Orkney Islands Council’s FOI policies, unless it is a request concerned directly with information held by the Integration Joint Board.

The Act is overseen by the Scottish Information Commissioner, who has the power to issue enforcement notices and, if needs be, initiate court proceedings to ensure compliance.

Role Descriptors

The Integration Joint Board identified the need to develop local Role Descriptors for it’s Members to support understanding of Members and create a unified and shared vision of the role. The Role Descriptor is available in the ‘Related Downloads’ section on this page and the Stakeholder / Representative Expense policy can be found on the Council's web page: IJB Stakeholder Representative Expenses (

Risk Management

The Integration Joint Board is required to have an approved Risk Management Strategy which ensures processes are in place to identify significant risks to its corporate objectives.


The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 requires Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) to make Directions to the Council and/or Health Board. Further information can be found within the related downloads section and a database of Directions issued is held by the Directorate Support team.

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