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Carer Support Services

The Orkney Carers’ Charter

Orkney values it’s Carers and believes they have the right to be supported and respected, in their role as a Carer, as the expert on the person they care for, and as an individual.

Who are our Carers?

Orkney’s Carers are anyone, young or old, who provides unpaid support to their partner, a family member, or a friend, who experiences physical or mental disability, illness, or frailness.

What you can expect as a Carer, in Orkney

Our Commitment

Orkney Health and Care, NHS Orkney, Orkney Islands Council, and their third sector partners will work together to provide the best quality support for all Carers.


Information for Carers - Carer’s Assessments

What is an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) and what can I Expect?

The Carers Act 2016 entitles every carer to an ACSP. You are a carer if you provide care to a family member or friend, in your own home or theirs, and are aged 18 or over. (If you are under 18, please visit our page for Young Carers

What is an ACSP?

An ACSP is a written record of the key points of a conversation you have with your support workers, along with the details of how you will be supported in your caring role. This conversation will help to find out more about you, what you do in your caring role, what you want to achieve (your goals), and all the things that are important to you.

It can help to find out what things you enjoy doing outside of your caring role and what help you might need to continue to do them. It will also help to look at what help other people, such as medical professionals, can provide to make sure that you aren’t doing anything you aren’t comfortable with.

What will the ACSP cover?

Your ACSP will cover your personal circumstances, personal outcomes and identified needs, as well as what support is available to you. These details must be included in all ACSP’s in Scotland, but you might talk about some other things, too. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to.

If any of your identified needs meet the criteria we have in Orkney, we must provide you with support to meet those needs. The person supporting you with your ACSP can tell you more about these criteria and whether you meet them.

We also have to consider whether you would benefit from a short break. What this break looks like can vary depending on what works for you. This could include going to the cinema, getting sports equipment, or even a holiday. Owing  to restrictions around COVID-19, your break might be different than what’s usually possible, but you will be supported in accessing something that is safe, based on what is happening.

The Conversation.

How this will help you as a carer.
The Things we Might Ask You about What You do as a Carer.

Do I have to complete an ACSP?

No; completing an ACSP is completely optional. If you say no, you can always change your mind later. If you ask to complete an ACSP, at any time, we will provide you with the opportunity to complete one.

Who do I speak to about getting an ACSP?

The best place to go to discuss your ACSP is Crossroads, the organisation that provides carer support services, in Orkney, on behalf of Orkney Islands Council. You can go straight to their website here. There telephone number is 01856 870500.

You can also contact us directly on 01856 873535. Please ask to speak to the Duty Social Worker.

What happens with my ACSP?

Once your ACSP has been written, you will receive a copy of what was written and can choose who you would like to share it with. It’s your document and you decide who gets to see it.

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