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Road Markings, Signs and Traffic Calming

This section detailing the provision and maintenance of road markings, signs and traffic calming measures by Orkney Islands Council. For further information on any of these please email the team or call 01856873535.

Road Signs

The Council has responsibility for installing and maintaining signs to regulate traffic and to provide warnings to drivers of hazards ahead. The signs that may be used on the public road are controlled by government regulations, covering the designs of the signs, where they can be used and whether they must be illuminated.

Further information is available from the Roads Development Guide and the Tourist Signposting Policy.

Speed Humps

In areas where excessive speed is considered a risk to public safety the local authority may construct 'speed humps' for the purpose of reducing traffic speeds. Speed humps are typically constructed in residential roads and in areas where there may be a large amount of pedestrian traffic such as near school entrances.

The local authority makes provision for speed road humps to reduce speeds and improve safety of residential roads.

Street Name Plates

The local authority is responsible for the naming of streets within their local area and for ensuring that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions.

Tourist Signs

Tourist signs or "brown signs" are the responsibility of the Highways Agency on trunk roads and the Local Highway Authority on other roads.

Tourist attractions and facilities such as hotels, can apply for direction signs to their location. If they meet the criteria, which may vary by area, then they pay for the costs of erecting the signs.  For more information see the Tourist Signposting Policy.

Yellow Lines

The local authority authorise yellow line road markings where there is a need to restrict parking to help increase traffic flow and to prevent obstructions on the highway.

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