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Orkney Harbours Masterplan – Phase 1

The Orkney Harbours Masterplan - Phase 1 has been adopted as Planning Policy Advice and has status as a material consideration in the determination of relevant planning and works licence applications.

Proposed Development Policy Principles, to safeguard harbour operations in Scapa Flow, are detailed at page 18 and Appendix B of the Masterplan. These policy principles support the management of development, requiring planning permission or a works licence, that could have a significant adverse impact on Harbour Area operations and navigational safety. Furthermore, the policy principles aim to safeguard the viability of future strategically important harbour infrastructure allowing for safe navigation and vessel manoeuvrability. Whilst not limited to aquaculture development, these policy principles provide a planning policy mechanism to manage fish farm development and potential adverse impacts on Scapa Flow Harbour Area operations.

Supplementary Guidance: Aquaculture includes a spatial strategy that identifies spatial sensitivities and constraints of relevance to harbour operations. In advance of any future revision of the Supplementary Guidance, the Proposed Development Policy Principles should be considered alongside the Supplementary Guidance when assessing planning applications.

The Masterplan Proposals, as detailed at Section 3 in Masterplan, are indicative and will be subject to change and iteration as they progress through business case appraisal, feasibility, design and further environment assessment. The aspirations of the Masterplan will be taken forward in accordance with adopted planning policy, including the Orkney Local Development Plan, with due regard to known constraints.

The Orkney Harbours Master Plan - Phase 1 can be found in the 'Related Sites' section below.

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