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Recycling in Orkney

Orkney Islands Council provides a variety of ways for residents and businesses to recycle waste. More information on local facilities can be found in this section and by viewing the document 'What to Recycle', available from 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

What to know before you throw

Recycling as much material as possible is so important for many reasons including:

Where Does our Recycling Go?

The 'Where Does Our Recycling Go?' document available from the #Related Downloads' section of this page gives details, destinations and examples of final use of the recycling collected from our household waste recycling centres and from domestic and commercial properties.

Where Can I Donate?

Find out more

The 'Recycle for Scotland' website is a fantastic resource for finding out information on recycling, with advice on how to reduce the amount of waste you produce, how to reuse household items instead of throwing them out. A link to this website can be found under the 'Related Sites' section.

To find out about more recycling figures, visit the Defra website, available from the 'Related Sites' section of this page. Once on the site, select 'The Environment' and then 'Waste and Recycling' for information on recycling.


Garbology has been revamped and will now be known as ‘Big on Bruck’. It will still be a quarterly publication about the environment, waste, litter, recycling and sustainable living and you will find it in the ‘Related Downloads’ section below, along with the archived copies of ‘Garbology’.

You can also subscribe to receive a copy of ‘Big on Bruck’ by emailing:

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