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Reporting on the performance of Orkney Islands Council Services

At Orkney Islands Council we have in place detailed plans that we use to help improve and develop the services we provide for you, the people of Orkney. To make sure that our plans stay on track, we carry out regular checks, and then report progress to Councillors and to the public.

Detailed information about the Council’s planning and performance arrangements can be accessed from the 'More pages in this section' menu.

The Council’s Strategic Planning Framework

This is the Council’s policy document that describes our arrangements for strategic level planning, service self-assessment, service planning, managing risk, managing performance, managing business continuity, and for reporting Council performance to the public.

Monitoring and Managing Performance

Here you’ll find monitoring reports on the progress we’re making with our strategic and service plans, along with some information on how well we are performing against other Scottish councils.

Annual Performance Report

Here you’ll find the Council's Annual Performance Reports going back to 2003, which are structured around Council priorities, and use various measures to show how well the Council performed in particular years.

Public Performance Reports within Particular Council Areas

Each year we produce various Council reports and publications that contain important performance information, and this section lists those that we think may be of interest to the general public, along with easy access to them.

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