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Planning the Funeral

First of all, final funeral arrangements should not be made until you are sure that the death does not have to be reported to the Procurator Fiscal. This may affect the date when the funeral can be held.

Funeral Director or Undertaker

You can make funeral arrangements yourself, but most people go to a funeral director or undertaker who can take over all the arrangements. They are a welcome and professional support at this time.

You will need to decide:

  • Where the deceased is to rest until the funeral takes place.
  • The time and place of funeral.
  • How much you intend to spend on the funeral.
  • Whether to have a funeral service.
  • Whether to have flowers, or to make donations to a charity perhaps.
  • Whether to put a notice in the papers or local shops.
  • Whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated.
  • You may wish to obtain estimates from at least two funeral directors.

Funeral service

If you wish to have a service you should contact a Minister or Priest as soon as possible. Most appreciate a personal approach by relatives.


Find out if the deceased had already paid for a plot in a churchyard or cemetery. This can be found in the deceased’s will, if available. If not, a plot will have to be paid for. Your funeral director should be able to help you.