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An overpayment is an amount of benefit that has been paid out, to which there is no entitlement. The overpayment might arise from a revision of the original decision or the claim being brought to an early end. You will be asked to repay benefit to which there was no entitlement.

Overpayments of benefit can occur for reasons such as:

Most overpayments are recoverable, regardless of the cause of the overpayment, if the customer, a person acting on their behalf, or any person to whom the payment was made, at the time of receipt could have reasonably been expected to realise that an overpayment would result.   

In some cases it might be necessary to take criminal proceedings if a fraud has been committed.

Repayment Procedure

If you have been paid too much benefit you will be notified how much has to be repaid. It can be repaid as a single payment, by reducing future benefit payments or by regular instalments, if agreed beforehand.

Additional Information

More information is available from the Related Downloads and Related Links sections of this web page.

You can also telephone the Benefits Team on 01856873535 extension 2116 or email.

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