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Disabled Adaptation Grants

Disabled adaptation grants are available for people living in privately owned or rented housing who require adaptations to their home to make it suitable for an occupant with a disability. If you rent your home from the Council or Orkney Housing Association Ltd you should ask your landlord about the help available.

Disabled adaptation grants help to make a house suitable for the needs of a person with a disability who lives there. Help adapting your home is available if you have a need that is deemed a priority for assistance by the Council. This will be established by an assessment of your circumstances to see what sort of difficulties you are facing in your home and what might be the best way of helping you.

In some cases it may be deemed that another option is best, this may include moving to a different property. If this is the case we will work with you to explore your options. If an adaptation is the best way to meet your need, you may be eligible for financial help with this.

What kind of adaptations can I get help with?

You can get help with a wide range of structural adaptations, including replacing a bath with a level access shower, constructing ramps to help you access your home and lowering work surfaces to make the kitchen easier to use. These are only examples and help may be available with a range of other works. Most structural works attract a "mandatory grant" where you have been assessed as having a priority need. This means that the Council would give you a grant towards the cost of the works.

How much grant will I get?

If you qualify for a mandatory grant, you will receive 80% of the actual cost of the works you have been assessed as needing. The grant may be increased to cover 100% of the costs where you receive one of the following benefits:

Where you do not receive one of these benefits, but cannot afford to pay for 20% of the works, you may receive additional grant from the Council. This is subject to a means test and further information will be provided to you when you apply for a grant.

If you wish to carry out extra work, for example extra tiling when replacing your bath with a shower, you will usually be required to pay for this yourself. It will not affect the level of grant you are eligible for.

Can I get a grant to help extend my house?

The mandatory grant does not cover the cost of building extensions to properties unless it is to provide bathroom or toilet facilities where required.

However, depending on your circumstances, a discretionary grant may be available to help with the cost of this. Further information would be provided on this option should you be assessed as requiring an extension to your home to meet your needs.

Does my landlord have to consent to the works?

If you rent your home from a private landlord, they cannot unreasonably withhold consent for essential adaptations. You would have to contact your landlord and obtain their consent for the works, the Council can assist you with this. If your landlord requires you to remove the adaptation when you move out of the property, the Council can provide you with assistance to do this.

How do I apply?

Your proposals for disabled adaptations must be supported by Orkney Health and Care’s Occupational Therapy Team, see the 'Related Links' on this page. The contact officer, to discuss your eligibility, would be the Senior Practitioner Occupational Therapy on telephone 01856873535, extension 2632.

You will need to complete the application form and associated papers. An application pack will be sent out on request.

Orkney Care and Repair provides a free advice service for grant applications and they can assist you to fill out the form and/or act as your agent if you wish. To contact Care and Repair please telephone 01856873369 or via e-mail.

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Telephone: 01856 873535

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