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Antisocial Tenants

If you experience problems with your tenants behaving in an anti-social manner you can contact Environmental Health at Orkney Islands Council for advice and assistance.

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What is Antisocial Behaviour?

The most common problem is likely to be loud music causing a disturbance. You should write to your tenants and inform them that this behaviour will not be tolerated and that their tenancy will be at risk if there are any further incidents. If the tenancy agreement clearly states that this behaviour is not acceptable then you can seek repossession on the grounds of breach of tenancy.

However you should work with the Local Authority and your tenants to try and resolve the problem before seeking to evict. Please contact Environmental Health on telephone: 01856873535 for further details.

Failure to Act

Please note that failure to act in response to antisocial behaviour may affect your Registration. The Council will work closely with private landlords to ensure that you receive the right advice and support to prevent this from being an issue.

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