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Antisocial Behaviour

'Antisocial' means causing or likely to cause alarm, distress, nuisance or annoyance to any person or causing damage to anyone's property.

Orkney Islands Council does not tolerate antisocial behaviour and uses its powers to take action to resolve issues where necessary. We are committed to ensuring that Orkney remains a nice place to live and part of this is ensuring that communities are able to live peacefully. The Environmental Health Section of Orkney Islands Council has a Community Safety Strategy which covers antisocial behaviour. This document can be downloaded through the related downloads on the left of this web page or you can request a paper copy from the Council Offices.

All Council tenants are required to sign up to a "Good Neighbour Charter", further details on this are contained in our Antisocial Behaviour leaflet, also available on the left of this web page.

Who Should I Contact Regarding Antisocial Behaviour?

If you have concerns about a Council tenant’s behaviour, please contact our Housing Management Section on 01856873535 for advice. If you have concerns about the behaviour of a private tenant or an owner occupier, please contact Environmental Health on 01856873535 for advice. If you are unsure of the tenure of the individual you wish to complain about please contact Environmental Health in the first instance.

Both teams work closely together and will explain to you what action can be taken and keep you up to date with progress. Please note that it can take some time to resolve issues and we rely on your help. Keeping log sheets of the behaviour is vital as evidence is always required. A copy of a log sheet is available in the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

If the problem is urgent and occurs outwith office hours, for example a noisy party late at night, please contact Police Scotland by phoning 101 and asking for Kirkwall Police Station. The Police will keep a record of the call out and notify the Council on the next working day.

What Action Will the Council Take?

The Council has a range of powers to deal with antisocial behaviour. The aim of these powers is to tackle and reduce antisocial behaviour rather than move the problem elsewhere. The measures available to us are as follows:

This is a voluntary agreement between an individual identified as being responsible for antisocial behaviour and one or more agencies (as relevant). The agencies normally involved will be Orkney Islands Council, Orkney Housing Association Ltd, where applicable, and Police Scotland.

Court Action

This could include interdicts, evictions and/or Antisocial Behaviour Orders. Specific Implements can also be applied for. These require an individual to do something, for example where a tenant refuses to move a scrapped car from their garden the Specific Implement could require them to do this.

A Notice of Proceedings

This could lead to action to evict the tenant where the behaviour does not cease. Private landlords may also take action against their tenants and the Council would provide support to the landlords for this. Eviction will only be sought as a last resort.

Further information on the action we can take and details of the above measures can be obtained from our Housing Management Section. If you have any concerns or queries about Antisocial Behaviour please do not hesitate to contact us.

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