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Local Flood Risk Management Plan

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 requires Orkney Islands Council, as Lead Local Authority for the Orkney catchment, to produce a Local Flood Risk Management Plan.

The Orkney Local Flood Risk Management Plan takes forward actions set out the Flood Risk Management Plan for Orkney published by SEPA (and formerly called the Strategy).  The SEPA document is one of a suite of fourteen Flood Risk Management Plans covering Scotland.

The SEPA Flood Risk Management Plan for Orkney is produced in collaboration with Orkney Islands Council and Scottish Water.  It identifies the main flood hazards and impacts, together with the setting of objectives to manage these impacts and a series of prioritised selected actions that aim to achieve these objectives.   The actions proposed for this, the second 6 year cycle under the Act, were the subject of a joint SEPA/OIC public consultation between July and October 2021.

The first Orkney Local Flood Risk Management Plan was published in by Orkney Islands Council in June 2016.  The Local Flood Risk Management Plan takes forward the actions set out in the SEPA Plan and identifies what works or actions are to be undertaken locally during the life of the plan and how these are to be funded.

An interim report on progress, required under Section 37 of the Act was published in March 2019, with a Section 38 final report due in December 2022.

The actions identified for the 2nd Orkney Local Flood Risk Management Plan were approved by the Council in September 2022 with the document published in December 2022.

The above documents are available in PDF format from the ‘Related Downloads’ Section of this page.

Further information on the local Flood Risk Management Plan is available by contacting the Council’s Engineering Services.  Contact David Custer by telephone on 01856 873535 or by email.

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