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"It's lovely knowing we have brought happy memories to a childhood."

What is Fostering?

Foster carers are people who look after someone else’s child when their birth family is unable to do so.

Some foster carers may look after a child for a short time – for just one night or a weekend. Others will look after the same children for years and may become their permanent family.

Babies, children and teenagers can all require foster care due to:

• Parental physical or mental ill health.

• Parental substance misuse.

• Physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect.

• Parents needing respite care from caring for a child.

What kind of person makes a good foster carer?

Fostering is a wonderfully rewarding opportunity that can involve respite for weekends or short periods, a few weeks or in some cases long term care where children cannot return home.

To be a foster carer we ask that you have compassion, understanding and plenty of love to give as well as a spare room! You can be married, single, young, old, gay or straight – it doesn’t matter – it is your ability to relate and connect that is important and makes the difference to the child or young person being looked after.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer, please contact the Fostering and Adoption Team via email or phone us on 01856873535 for a chat. We’d love to hear from you!

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