Service Standards and Performance

The Planning Service in Orkney is committed to providing a high quality service and seeking continuous improvements in the services that we provide.

Planning Performance Framework

As part of the on-going modernisation of the Scottish planning system the Planning Performance Framework (PPF) has been developed as a framework for assessing the performance of the Council’s planning service and identifying future service improvements. The PPF is prepared by each local authority in Scotland and submitted to the Scottish Government for assessment in September each year. The first Orkney PPF was prepared in September 2012 with a feedback report provided by the Scottish Government in June 2013. Please see the Planning Performance Framework documents available from the Related Downloads section of this page. These document have been produced by The Scottish Government and are not fully accessible, if you would like a hard copy of any of the documents please contact the Development Management team by email or by phone on 01856873535.

Planning and Building Standards Stakeholders Forum

The Council has established a Forum of stakeholders who regularly interact with the Planning and Building Standards Service in Orkney. The Forum first met in February 2009 and allows regular users to provide us with feedback on the service we provide; share good practice; and, allows us to provide information on changes to the service e.g. new legislation that may be emerging. Members on the mailing list are also sent regular e-mail alerts of any key issues which affect the service.

The Forum is open to any persons/organisation that has regular contact with the Planning and Building Standards Service so if you wish to be part of the Forum, or just be part of the e-mail list to receive any important Planning and Building Standards news/updates please contact the Development Management team.

Planning Performance Statistics

The Scottish Government collects statistical information from all Scottish local authorities on a quarterly basis. These provide detailed information on the timescales taken to determine various types of planning applications. For further details please access the Scottish Government Planning Statistics webpage from the Related Sites section of this page.


The Council is committed to encouraging as many applicants as possible to submit their planning applications electronically, as a simpler, faster, and more accessible way of doing business. We monitor the number of planning applications being made electronically as part of our drive to encourage more usage of the on-line planning system. The following table provides details of applications submitted electronically.

Annual figures of planning applications received online

YearPercentage of Online ApplicationsTotal number of Online applications received
2014. 66.86%. 353.
2015. 70.26%. 429.
2016. 64.69% 605.
2017. 72.06%. 544.

Online application figures for the past 6 months

MonthTotal number of applicationsTotal number of applicationsPercentage of Online Applications
April 2018. 56. 41. 73.21%
March 2018. 41. 28. 68.29%.
February 2018. 42. 25. 59.52%.
January 2018. 43. 29. 67.44%.
December 2017. 32. 22. 68.75%.
November 2017. 38. 28. 73.68%.

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