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OIC Crown Estate Community Led Development Fund (OIC CECLDF) 

The OIC Crown Estate Community Led Development Fund (OIC CECLDF) is administered by Orkney Islands Council and financed from net revenues generated by Scottish Crown Estate.  The grant scheme is designed to mobilise change and deliver positive outcomes for Orkney and its communities.  The scheme seeks to support the community and community economic development of Orkney by investing in infrastructure, community capacity building, and developing community assets and encouraging inclusive community growth – that is, growth which combines improved wellbeing with greater equality, creates opportunities for all, and distributes the benefits of increased prosperity fairly.  The scheme also aims to encourage regeneration of Orkney’s communities by supporting projects that safeguard sustainable community economic growth and jobs, promote inclusion, contribute towards poverty reduction and safeguard, restore or enhance the coastal environment. 


First round of applications

The Orkney Local Action Group (LAG) and Orkney Islands Council is inviting expressions of interest for the scheme until 5pm on Monday 13th November.  If your project meets the criteria listed in the OIC CECLDF guidance, you will then be given an application form to complete.  First drafts of applications must be completed by 5pm on Monday 20th November, and final applications by 5pm on Wednesday 29th November. A meeting with the Orkney Local Action Group (LAG) to assess applications is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 13th December, and we aim to get back to applicants as soon as possible afterwards.


Second round of applications

Expressions of interest will be accepted from February 2024 until 5pm on Monday 8th April 2024, and draft applications until 5pm Monday 15th April 2024.  Final applications for the second funding round will need to be submitted by 5pm Monday 29th April 2024, and a meeting with the Orkney Local Action Group (LAG) to assess applications is scheduled to be held on Friday 24th May 2024.


The scheme can support projects which align with the following funding priorities:

Orkney Partnership Priorities – Orkney’s Community Plan 2021-23

  • Community Wellbeing – Our aim is to support Orkney’s individuals and communities to withstand and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and its socio-economic impacts – individuals and communities benefit from enhanced support to recover and renew; Orkney’s fragile communities become more resilient and sustainable.
  • Sustainable Recovery – Our aim is to exploit the synergy between two linked priorities: Orkney’s economic recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic and combatting the climate emergency – a demonstratable upturn in Orkney’s economy, supported through co-ordination and implementation of the ASPIRE Orkney Action Plan; A ‘Just Transition’ towards a well-being economy with a focus on climate change, fair work, and diversity; Measurable progress towards Scotland’s target of net zero emissions by 2045; an adaptation strategy to protect our citizens, businesses, habitats and wildlife from the effects of climate change.

The Council Plan 2018-2023 – Strategic Priority Themes

  • Thriving Communities – The Orkney Community is able to access work, learning and leisure through a modern, robust infrastructure which supports all our communities and meets the requirements of 21st century life.
  • Enterprising Communities – A vibrant carbon neutral economy which supports local businesses and stimulates investment in all our communities.
  • Quality of Life – Orkney has a flourishing population, with people of all ages choosing to stay, return or relocate here for a better quality of life.


Funding may be used to help with the following:

  • Developing and regenerating Orkney communities including infrastructure and assets.
  • Creating and safeguarding sustainable community economic growth and jobs.
  • Providing communities with the means and opportunity to address issues of poverty, disadvantage and inequality.
  • Contributing to net zero agenda through community assets decarbonisation and renewable energy, building in greater resilience.
  • Supporting communities to develop projects which promote and develop local resilience and inclusion in areas, for example, food supply and connectivity.
  • Supporting community capacity building and community development.
  • Supporting opportunities for community skills development and learning experiences.
  • Adding value to Orkney’s economy through collective community body efforts including supporting promotion, developing new offers, and improving resilience/sustainability.
  • Developing sustainable community tourism.
  • Supporting strategic community events, for example, heritage/festivals infrastructure/development.
  • Safeguarding, restoring, enhancing or interpretating the coastal environment all across Orkney by the Community.
  • Empowering, supporting, developing, participation & networking of young people (0-30 years) and their facilities/services/opportunities within the community.


How much can you apply for?

The scheme can support Young People’s (0-30 years) projects as follows:

  • Up to 100% eligible costs, although match funding will be more favourably viewed.
  • Grants between £100 and £3,000.
  • Total annual funding pot £10,000.

Revenue and/or capital projects as follows:

Feasibility/design/development grants

  • Up to 50% eligible costs
  • Grants between £1,000 and £25,000

Delivery grants

  • Up to 50% of eligible costs
  • Grants between £1,000 and £50,000
  • The grant can be spread over more than one financial year


For further information about the scheme, please read the OIC CECLDF guidance document.

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