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Current Charges

The Council Tax bill includes the Council Tax charge for each property but also includes charges for water and waste water (sewerage) services from Scottish Water. The charges are also based on the Council Tax Band of the property and apply to every household that has a connection to the public water supply, the public waste water network, or both. 

Orkney Islands Council is not responsible for setting the water and waste water charges but must bill and collect these charges on behalf of Scottish Water. For information, you can download a copy of the Council Tax charges, plus the Scottish Water charges, in Portable Document Format (PDF) from the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

Online Payments

You can pay Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates, Council House Rent, Garage Rent, Invoices and Other Payments using our online payments facility, available from 'Related Links' section of this page. Additional Services will be added as we continue to develop the range of payments available online.

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