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Top bin tips for a smooth collection

Top bin tips for a smooth collection
09 July 2021

Orkney Islands Council is reminding householders of the simple things they can do to help bin collections run smoothly and prolong the life of their bin.

These include:

  • Have your bins (or Council-issued bags if you use those) out at the designated collection point by 08:00.
  • Put bins with handles facing outwards (to the road), and within 2 metres of the roadside.
  • No bungee cords please, or bins that are tied or secured – these all take up valuable time and bungees are an injury risk for our crews, particularly to their eyes.
  • Don’t put rocks/bricks or other heavy items on top – it’s really bad for the bin, and is a health and safety issue for crews who have to lift them off.
  • Don’t use a broken or split bin – it’s a safety risk to crews and passers-by if bins split or fail during the lift. Instead, let us know so we can replace your bin as soon as possible. There is currently no charge for replacement bins.
  • Look after your bin – store it out of sunlight in a sheltered place if you can, and don’t over stuff it. Pay special attention when disposing of heavy and dense materials such as ash. Food waste and disposable nappies are high in liquid and can quickly add up to an overweight bin – actively minimising food waste and using washable nappies when you can are two great ways you can reduce the waste you generate and look after your bin.
  • Bin too full? We don’t pick up ‘side waste’ - waste left beside bins or not in a Council-issued bag. This is to minimise the heavy lifting crews are tasked with (and the vermin risk). So please don’t leave extra waste out beside your bin, or overstuff your bin. Speak to us instead about whether you might qualify for our additional capacity service (a larger or additional bin) - or if it’s only an occasional problem for you, recycle what you can, hold over extra waste for the next collection, or visit one of our HWRCs (household waste and recycling centres). Check ahead what's accepted at each of our HWRCs by visiting our website.

Taking these steps will help our crews can empty bins quickly - and safely - and complete their schedules so that everyone’s bin gets dealt with.

Remember - you can look up your Area - and what's being collected week by week - any time using the 'MyBins' page on our website -

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Telephone: 01856 873535

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