Scapa Flow salute

Scapa Flow salute
25 June 2020

A Dutch warship will fire a 21-gun salute in Scapa Flow tomorrow (Friday 26 June) in memory of lives lost at sea in the waters around the north of Scotland.

HNLMS Van Speijk, a frigate from the Royal Netherlands Navy, will drop anchor near the buoy marking the seabed wreck of HMS Royal Oak, during a brief visit to the Flow.

In line with naval tradition, the ship’s saluting gun will be fired 21 times to commemorate fallen sailors.

After a lengthy period at sea, the visit to Scapa Flow – a major naval base during the two world wars – was seen as an appropriate moment to remember lives lost in local waters and further afield.

The commemoration will take place between 13:00 and 14:00. The tribute, while loud, will not involve live ammunition.

HNLMS Van Speijk is a multipurpose ‘Karel Doorman’ class frigate carrying over 120 sailors, with a length of 122 metres and draught of six metres.

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