OIC Leader praises staff for storm work

OIC Leader praises staff for storm work
18 February 2020

Orkney Islands Council Leader Councillor James Stockan has paid tribute to council employees for their “incredible efforts” in dealing with the difficult storm conditions in Orkney this month.

Ahead of Tuesday’s OIC Policy and Resources Committee meeting, the leader took the opportunity to publicly acknowledge staff who have “gone the extra mile” to assist others affected by Storms Ciara and Dennis.

“I want to commend our staff for the incredible work they have done throughout the storms which have captured the nation – they have gone the extra mile in so many ways.

“I have heard so many reports from people praising our staff commitment and efforts – and all this despite the fact we have reducing manpower year-on-year and our responses to these types of storms is getting more difficult.

“From the committee here I want to share our appreciation to our staff for what they have done over the last period.”

Councillor Stockan’s sentiments were met with echoes of approval from fellow councillors.

The Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group met on several occasions, issuing advice to those living in coastal areas at risk of flooding.

A number of roads had to be closed due to conditions, sandbags were issued and available to those in need, with council employees clearing debris thrown up by the sea and repairing sea defences as necessary.

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