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Football season kicks off - players reminded of national guidance still in place

Football season kicks off - players reminded of national guidance still in place
02 June 2021

With the continued easing of COVID-19 restrictions Orkney’s 2021 football season has been able to kick off, however, there is still specific guidance relating to sport, sporting events and physical activity that must be adhered to.

Spectators at sporting events and the use of changing rooms guidance must be considered.

Changing room guidance advises that operators should encourage participates to arrive at facilities in sports kit and to travel home for a shower where possible, and similar guidance relating to spectators at sporting events clearly states that spectators are not permitted other than where a parent or carer is supervising a child or vulnerable adult.

Orkney Islands Council Leisure and Culture Service Manager, Garry Burton, who has been in communication with the Orkney Amateur Football Association, said: “Sport and Leisure staff have reviewed the guidance and communicated with the Council’s Environmental Health Officer and Pickaquoy Centre Trust Managing Director, and after taking everything in to consideration it has been agreed to keep changing facilities closed and only made available for participants who require additional support for the time being.

“We recognise this is not the ideal scenario for players, but we must follow the guidance to ensure there is as small a risk as possible of transmission of COVID-19.”

Mr Burton added: “ We have informed OAFA of the guidance as well as the decision regarding the use of changing facilities, and we ask all clubs to strictly adhere to this guidance and provide the pre-booking information (booking forms, risk assessment and supporting information) prior to any fixture by email to

“We hope that normal service will resume soon, however in the meantime we must protect our communities.”

Guidance on changing rooms.

Guidance for spectators.

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