Flooding protection options for St Margaret’s Hope

Flooding protection options for St Margaret’s Hope
09 March 2020

Orkney Islands Council say work is ongoing to find solutions to reduce the risk of flooding within St Margaret’s Hope.

It is hoped to present options for consultation with the local community by the end of March.

The council’s engineering services manager, Peter Bevan explained that a flood protection study for St Margaret’s Hope was identified as an action in the Orkney Food Risk Management Plan published in 2016.

“Following completion of the Kirkwall Harbour flood protection scheme work on this study has been progressed. A number of options meeting recommended guidelines for protection have been investigated which all have high attached costs and would take time to implement.

“We are therefore also looking at interim measures to provide some level of protection which might be carried out in the short term in light of recent flooding issues.”

It is intended that the options will be presented for consultation with the local community by the end of this month. It is then hoped a recommended option can be identified and external funding applied for alongside consideration of the project as part of the Council’s Capital Project Appraisal process.

Mr Bevan added: “Development and Marine Planning are presently working with partner agencies to consider external funding opportunities for St Margaret’s Hope that would look at improvements to the historic fabric, walking and cycling opportunities within the community and improvements to St Margaret’s Hope’s public spaces. This will require to be done in coordination with flood protection proposals.

“In the last two years improved flood prediction and warning measures have been put in place by SEPA and the Council and we will discuss with the Community how these could be further improved.”

The proposal to set up a flood action group in St Margaret’s Hope is one that Mr Bevan said the council would encourage.

“We look forward to working with them and the Community Council in order to identify both short and longer term measures to mitigate flooding and its effects.”

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