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Family at the centre of Advocacy Orkney publicity appeal for the public to “respect their right to privacy and confidentiality”

Family at the centre of Advocacy Orkney publicity appeal for the public to “respect their right to privacy and confidentiality”
16 June 2021

The Council is aware of a public petition on social media in reference to the withdrawal of funding from Advocacy Orkney and allegations of a shortfall of care provision in the county in relation to an individual.

We acknowledge the level of well-intentioned public interest, however, as it is not possible for a local authority to divulge details in relation to a vulnerable person – it is a version which is lacking in key information that is being circulated. This is causing great distress to the individual concerned and family members.

The Council has been in dialogue with a family representative – who is involved in the service user’s support and care package arrangements - who is supportive of all the actions taken in this specific case and relieved that the specialist needs of their loved one is being met to a very high standard that could not be emulated in Orkney.

We must stress that the family representative involved with the care arrangement is happy with the care being provided and has issued a public statement to express their concern at the publicity surrounding their loved one.

The full statement, which we have been asked to share on behalf of the family member, is here:

“I would like to ask people to please stop sharing private information about my family member. People are getting involved when they don’t know all of the information.

I know that all options have been explored to keep my family member in Orkney. I have been involved in the discussions and I believe that everything that could have been done has been done. Of course ideally it would be great if my family member could be looked after and cared for in Orkney but that simply isn’t possible.

I visited my family member last week and I saw that my family member is being well cared for and well looked after. There are also some friendships being made which is lovely to see.

Again, I would ask that people please respect my family member’s privacy and confidentiality and I want to say that I support all of the decisions that have been made by the Council as welfare guardian.”

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