Eat Out to Help Out in Schools

Eat Out to Help Out in Schools
23 September 2020

The Scottish Government’s scheme Eat Out to Help Out that was introduced into school canteens within Orkney when they opened in August was gratefully received.

9336 customers benefited from the scheme and a total discount of £10578.31 given for the three weeks it was run.

Gwenda Shearer, Chair of Education, Leisure and Housing Committee said: “It was a fantastic that we were able to participate in this scheme to help families in Orkney save on the cost of school meals.”

Parents and Carers welcomed the saving with one of them saying “We were delighted to hear that the schools were taking part in this scheme, with three primary aged children, we benefit from free meals for the younger two as it is, so a small saving on our eldest meant we had extra in the week. We decided to use this extra to treat the bairns to an ice cream at a local ice cream parlour, which were also on this scheme.  We felt we were supporting locally by being able to do this off the back of savings at school!”

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