Council moves to showcase low carbon credentials during UN gathering

Council moves to showcase low carbon credentials during UN gathering
10 October 2019

Orkney’s pioneering work in the renewables and low carbon sectors should be showcased as part of the United Nations Conference of Parties (C0P) next year as one way of sharing and showcasing climate change solutions, Councillors have agreed.

At Tuesday’s (8 October 2019) Full Council meeting, Councillors agreed to approach the UK and Scottish Governments for support to hold an event in Orkney linked to the COP which is forecast to attract some 30,000 people to Glasgow next year.

Following the meeting, Council Leader James Stockan said: “The Conference of Parties presents a real opportunity for Scotland to share with the rest of the world how our island community here in Orkney is taking on the challenge of a low carbon economy -  whether that’s investments the Council and local businesses have made to make Orkney an attractive place for renewables energy research and development and academic endeavour, to our world leading work into hydrogen from wind and tide as an alternative reliable fuel source.

“Ideally we’d like to see that as an event here in Orkney where business and political leaders can see for themselves the many exciting and groundbreaking initiatives underway in Orkney.

“I look forward to having initial discussions with our Scottish and UK government colleagues on grasping this summit as a golden chance to share climate change success stories on a global stage, including Orkney’s leading work on the transition to a low carbon future.”

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