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Constitution Day. A Virtual Tog

Constitution Day. A Virtual Tog
17 May 2021

Constitution Day. A Virtual Tog

Today, the seventeenth of May, is Norway’s Constitution Day

When all Norwegians stand foursquare, wi’ flags and costumes and prepare

To praise that homeland whar they bide, wi’ righteous nationalistic pride.


1814, the year ye’ll mind, when that great document wis signed

Fae Denmark’s rule they then were free, an independent entity

Thanks tae the settling of scores, post the Napoleonic Wars.


In Orkney too we mark this feast, wi freends and neighbours fae the East

Wur island home was it appears, Norwegian for six hunder years

And Orkney words and placenames yet, prove heritage we’ll no forget.


So Norway’s freends fae far and near, all gather at the Kirkwall pier

Some folk in Norway’s costumes dressed, and flags tae wave for all the rest

We in anticipation stand, lined up ahint wur great pipe band.


When height of noon on clockface shows, then off the grand procession goes

Wi’ flag and kilt and pipe and drum, fae shop and kloss the folk all come

Tae see the sight and feel the beat, that livens up the Kirkwall street.


So lively you could dance a jig, the Tog proceeds up tae the Brig

Then up through Albert Street hid goes, the numbers of spectators grows

We pass whar Woolies used tae be, and Kirkwall’s owld and famous tree.


Then lots more folk tae see and greet, as band and flags get tae Broad Street

The Tog then stops cheust aboot hands, wae whar wur great Cathedral stands

Wur pride and joy of Viking age, that marks wur Nordic heritage.


A speech or two then -no surprise, confirming strong and ancient ties

And looking forward with a will, for stronger links wi’ Norway still

Thus on this seventeenth of May, we mind their Constitution Day.


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