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Behind the News - Keep a lid on it - Bin clip FAQs

Date: 08 March 2023

Photo of the two bin clips approved for use by the Council, with text 'Keep a lid on it - FAQ'

You may have heard we've recently published details of bin clips you can use, trialled and tested by our crews, to help keep bin lids closed on windy days.

Here's some FAQs which might help answer any questions you may have about them.

You can read our press release here for more background.

Our waste team considered loads of devices with the help of our collection crews and other waste teams around the country to ensure the bin clips we've approved are safe for crews and don't interfere with the mechanisms on the 'ashey kerts' (bin lorries).

Remember though, we're not suggesting you must buy a bin clip. Folk can continue to put small stones on bin lids during bad weather as required on windy days.

Bin clips - frequently asked questions

Are the Council’s bins not fit for purpose/up to standard – and that is why we have to use special, additional clips?

You don’t have to use additional clips. The Council’s bins are fit for purpose and are designed to optimise collection efficiency, allow for the bins to be easily moved by operatives and to fit onto lorries. Additional clips are a suggestion for those residents who need to put out their bin securely on windy days.

Can we still use a stone of approved weight (up to 2kg)?

Yes, if you are using a stone that weighs up to 2kgs, and your bins are being emptied that is fine. There’s no need to change your system.

Will you refuse to accept and empty my bins if I do not use one of the two approved clips?

If you use other methods to keep your bin lid closed, there is a risk that crews will not empty it. We continue to recommend that you, if needed, use either of the recommended clips or a stone that weighs up to 2kgs.

Why are you now suggesting a bungee cord and clip, when you had previously advised that bungee cords were not safe?

We are recommending the use of a specific type of clip, which happens to incorporate a bungee cord. In this particular case the cord remains attached to the bin and is not removed – only the clip – which means that there is no risk of it catching on the machinery or causing injury to the crews.

Can I still use a piece of electrical tape to secure the bin lid?

Yes, the previous guidance still applies, we have simply added two more options in the form of the suggested bin clips.

Are the bungee cords supplied with the Caithness clip?

Caithness clips come with required length of bungee cord, clip and two zip ties so all elements needed to attach the clip to the bin are included.

What if my bins do not have handles – I cannot use either suggested clip?

Please get in touch with our Customer Services Teams via MyOrkney or phone 01856 873535 and we will replace your bin.

Can I put my bin hinge side into the wind to prevent the lid blowing open?


How many clips do we need per bin?

One clip per bin.

Why is OIC charging for the bin clips, when some other areas don’t?

The clips are optional and not everyone wants or requires one. We are recommending these for people who have concerns about their bin lid blowing open under certain weather conditions but it is up to householders whether they would like to use one.

Are you making a profit from the sale?

No, the Council will not make any profit from the sale of the Schafer clips – and we ask that you go directly to the Etsy site for the purchase of the Caithness clips.

Can you post them out the isles please?

We are looking at whether the Schafer bin clips can be made available via other island hubs/link officers/ or through community councils. The Caithness Beach cleans wheelie bin closer can be purchased via their site here:

Can the clips be delivered with my new/replacement bin?

I’m afraid not, this is not a service we are offering meantime.

How do you fix them to your bin?

We have photos and short videos to demonstrate to people how the two different types are used. These are available to view on the Council’s OIC Updates Facebook page or on

My clip is broken - can I get a replacement?

Nothing lasts forever. Like all products, hooks/clips will have a limited lifespan. If your Schafer clip breaks, we have a stock of them for local residents’ convenience, which can be bought ‘at cost’ at our Customers Services (in person only). The council does not replace broken clips but we’d be happy to feedback to Schafer if you believe your clip has broken prematurely. Alternatively residents can order Caithness Beach Clean hooks directly from the Charity's Ebay site. The Caithness hooks are made from second hand materials and support a good cause. They are made by the charity so please contact them directly if you have any enquiries.

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    There’s been lots of questions asked on social media around bin clips we've approved for folk to use, to help keep bin lids secure on windy days. We thought it would be helpful to provide some answers to the points raised.

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