OIC News

OIC News
OLECG continues to meet

Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group – OLECG, made up of representatives from a broad range of organisations, including the emergency and public services, transport providers, the utilities and voluntary sector, continue to meet virtually during this pandemic.

03 June 2020
Garson and Hatston recycling centres – phased re-opening begins on Tuesday

The Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) at Hatston and Garson are set to reopen on Tuesday (June 2) - and will initially accept only garden waste.

01 June 2020
Recycling collections – week two

Kerbside recycling collections will be for plastic bottles next week.

29 May 2020
Covid-19 – public transport advice

Orkney Islands Council is advising that this week’s announcements on the move to Phase One of the Scottish Government’s Route Map out of Lockdown will result in no immediate change to current public transport arrangements.

29 May 2020
Caring for People Group

The Caring for People group, continue to meet virtually to work together to discuss how services can support individuals and communities in both responding to and recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

25 May 2020
Business Loan Scheme launched

A loan scheme to assist local businesses experiencing cashflow difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 crisis is launched today by Orkney Islands Council.

25 May 2020
Recycling centres – phased re-opening announced

The phased re-opening of Orkney’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) is set to begin early next month.

25 May 2020
Concessionary Travel Update

Transport Scotland has announced that local authorities can now begin accepting and processing applications for the replacement and renewal of National Entitlement Cards, however, applications for new cards are still not being accepted at present.


25 May 2020
Orkney embraces a new way of learning

Childcare Hubs ensure frontline workers can continue to play their part in the fight against the coronavirus — while home learning largely replaces traditional schooling in the county.

22 May 2020
OLECG meeting update

Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group (OLECG) are continuing to meet virtually to monitor the response to Covid-19 across Orkney.

20 May 2020
Isles shopping support to continue

Orkney Islands Council is to extend a food funding scheme that supports residents in the isles. 

20 May 2020
Phased restart soon for recycling collections

Recycling collections are set to begin again on a phased basis for households in Orkney Mainland, Burray and South Ronaldsay – and will take place weekly over the next four weeks.

19 May 2020
Information on Mental Health Support

Orkney Health and Care, in partnership with public and voluntary-sector agencies from throughout Orkney, have produced a leaflet that provides details of where you can find help and support with your mental health and wellbeing, along with some tips on how to stay well.

19 May 2020
Internet disruption update

A problem affecting Orkney Islands Council’s internet connections has been resolved.

15 May 2020
“Business as usual” for many OIC staff

The Council’s doors may remain closed as part of the nation’s ongoing coronavirus lockdown, but it’s very much “business as usual” for many of our own frontline workers.

Here, we take a closer look at the “front face” of the Local Authority – those customer service teams in Kirkwall and Stromness who have adapted to a new way of working in these challenging times.

15 May 2020
Resilience Groups address local issues

Orkney Islands Council relies on its partnership working with Community Councils and this has never been so important as during the current challenging times.

The Council would like to thank all the volunteers for their commitment in ensuring the work of Community Councils continues – at a safe, social distance.

15 May 2020
ATC centralisation – Council calls for pause until full assessment is undertaken

Orkney Islands Council is calling for a halt to moves by Highland and Islands Airports Limited to press ahead with plans to centralise air traffic control operations – at least until a full Islands Impact Assessment is carried out.

14 May 2020
Internet disruption affects OIC

Orkney Islands Council is experiencing disruption to two of its main internet connections.

14 May 2020
Revised arrangements for Hoy pre-application consultation

Revised arrangements have been put in place by Orkney Islands Council for consulting with the public on proposed plans for a wind farm development in Hoy.  As the development is classed as a 'major development' there is a requirement to submit a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) to the planning authority and carry out a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) – which usually would include a public event or exhibition.

14 May 2020
Private Water Supplies

With low water levels reported elsewhere in Scotland, Orkney Islands Council is offering some handy tips to people in the county with private water supplies – in case they experience similar problems later in the year.

14 May 2020
OLECG update

Key agencies working to support the Orkney community during the coronavirus pandemic met virtually again today.

12 May 2020
75th Anniversary of the Churchill Barriers

It’s been 75 years since the Churchill Barriers officially opened on 12 May 1945 - four days after Victory in Europe day.

12 May 2020
Supplier Relief Scheme for Contracted Suppliers to the Council

Orkney Islands Council is keen to support all contracted suppliers through this difficult time to ensure that they are able either to continue to work with us through the crisis or, where that is not possible, to be in a position to resume normal service delivery when the outbreak is over.

12 May 2020
Household waste update

We would firstly like to thank the Orkney public for their understanding and co-operation with the changes in how waste collections and Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) operate as a result of COVID-19, and for all the drawings and comments in support of Orkney’s refuse collection teams. Your thanks and support are truly appreciated, as they keep this essential service running every day.

08 May 2020
Hall of Clestrain plans move a step forward

The long-held aspiration to restore the Hall of Clestrain – birthplace and childhood home of Orcadian Arctic explorer Dr John Rae - moved a step closer this week, with funding secured from the Council’s Community Development Fund towards a feasibility works project.

07 May 2020
Orkney Islands Council Establishes Coronavirus Business Loan Scheme

Orkney Islands Council has established a council loan scheme to assist local businesses experiencing cashflow difficulties as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

06 May 2020
Orkney Islands Council encourages self-employed to apply for scheme

Orkney Islands Council is encouraging those who are self-employed to go online and check to see if they are eligible for the government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)  - which opens next week.

06 May 2020
OLECG supports Scotland Fire and Rescue Service

The Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordinating Group is supporting Scotland’s Fire and Rescue Service in urging Orkney communities to stay safe in their homes during the continuing covid-19 pandemic.

05 May 2020
Orkney Islands Council Leader Hails ‘Significant Victory for Local Government’

Orkney Islands Council Leader, Councillor James Stockan, has described the Scottish Government’s decision to pass £155 million of funding from the UK Government in full to Councils as a ‘significant victory for local government’.

05 May 2020
Council launches first phase of business hardship support

A support initiative for businesses experiencing hardship is launched today by Orkney Islands Council (Friday 1 May).

01 May 2020
OIC staff answer the call to help Orkney’s most vulnerable

They come from all walks of life but have one thing in common – a willingness to help in whatever way necessary to support Orkney’s most vulnerable people as the nation continues to wage war on the coronavirus.

01 May 2020
OLECG support for NHS Orkney and local support hub

Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group (OLECG) is supporting efforts to encourage people with non-coronavirus health concerns to seek help as they would have done before the outbreak.

01 May 2020
Dog waste – collection points for bags during the pandemic

Orkney Islands Council has taken steps to make sure supplies of free dog poo bags are still available for people to use.

28 April 2020
Flag at half mast at School Place

The flag at the Council offices in Kirkwall is flying at half mast as part of the nationwide tribute to key workers who have lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

28 April 2020
Coronavirus – looking ahead

Orkney Islands Council is engaged in discussions on whether an islands-based approach should be considered for tackling the spread of Covid-19 – and for the eventual lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

28 April 2020
Advice offered on locally produced PPE

Orkney Health and Care and NHS Orkney are thanking people and groups who have offered support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

24 April 2020
Nordic Sea arrives in Orkney

The vessel purchased to replace the ageing ferry Golden Mariana has arrived in Orkney.

23 April 2020
Public toilets reopen for key workers

Following feedback, Orkney Islands Council has reopened some of its public toilets for key workers to use while making essential journeys as part of their work.

23 April 2020
Behind the Headlines - Harbour Masterplan

You may have heard a report on BBC Radio Orkney this morning (23 April) about our Harbours Masterplan document, which was agreed at last week’s Full Council meeting.  The following provides more information on the document and clarifies some of the points made during the report.

23 April 2020
Scottish Government Calls In Quanterness Planning Application

The Scottish Government has called in the ‘Orkney’s Community Wind Farm Project – Quanterness’ planning application for determination.

Scottish Ministers will now be responsible for making the final decision on whether or not to grant planning permission for the project.

23 April 2020
Support for groups helping vulnerable people

A fund to assist vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic has been set up by Orkney Islands Council.

20 April 2020
Orkney Foodbank sees "phenomenal" response

Orkney Foodbank has seen a “phenomenal” response from local folk through increased financial and food donations since Coronavirus started impacting – and last week received a further contribution of goods from a Grampian-based charity involved in fighting hunger and tackling food waste.

20 April 2020
North Isles airfields – no recreational visits during Covid-19

Orkney Islands Council is reminding pilots that recreational flights should not be made to North Isles airfields during the coronavirus crisis.

20 April 2020
Online Fitness Classes

In these uncertain times keeping fit and healthy is vital for a lot of people in Orkney. Therefore, it’s great that so many of Orkney’s fitness class instructors are hosting virtual classes.

20 April 2020
Grounds maintenance during the pandemic

Orkney Islands Council has asked contractors to provide a limited grounds maintenance service during the coronavirus outbreak.

17 April 2020
How to Apply for a Council Tax Reduction and Other Financial Support Contacts.

You can now apply for a council tax reduction online through our new customer services platform, MyOrkney.

17 April 2020
Barriers survey extended

A survey on options the Council might consider in response to wave over-topping at the second Churchill Barrier is to remain open for the time being.

17 April 2020
Fund established for isles shopping

A funding mechanism has been established by Orkney Islands Council to support isles residents in buying goods from the isles shops.

With internal ferry travel restrictions currently in place due to Covid-19, isles residents are mainly reliant on island-based shops for their shopping rather than mainland supermarkets - where prices may be cheaper.

16 April 2020
£5m business support fund established by Orkney Islands Council

Orkney Islands Council has established an initial £5m fund to support local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The fund will be set up to provide grants and loans and comes primarily from the Strategic Reserve Fund and supplemented by a mix of Crown Estate funding and the Council's Renewable, Redevelopment and Regeneration Fund.

16 April 2020
Evie Nursery Inspection Results

A recent inspection of Evie Primary School’s nursery by the Care Inspectorate has graded the ‘quality of care and support’ and the ‘quality of staffing’ as ‘five - very good’.

16 April 2020
Covid-19 - further groups identified to receive additional support

A second wave of people identified as most at risk from Covid-19 are to receive essential assistance thanks to a new national helpline, which will work in partnership with the Orkney Coronavirus Community Support Hub.

15 April 2020
Covid-19 – OLECG offers thanks

Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group (OLECG) has thanked people across the county for their response to the coronavirus pandemic and urged that measures to slow the spread of infection continue to be followed.

15 April 2020
Barriers survey – less than a week to share your views

People in Orkney have until Wednesday next week to take part in a survey on options the Council might consider in response to wave over-topping at the second Churchill Barrier.

09 April 2020
Covid-19 – business grant help reaches nearly £3 million

Nearly £3 million has been awarded by Orkney Islands Council in Government grants to businesses to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

09 April 2020
Illegal dumping appeal

Orkney Islands Council is appealing for people to avoid leaving domestic waste outside Household Recycling Centres, which are now closed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

08 April 2020
Keyworker childcare over Easter

Childcare for the children of keyworkers continues to be on offer over the Easter holiday period - to help parents and carers play their part in Orkney’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

08 April 2020
Covid-19 – OLECG meets 7 April 2020

Key agencies working to support the Orkney community during the coronavirus pandemic met today in response to the latest developments in the outbreak.

07 April 2020
Covid-19 – Welfare grants for those in need

Orkney Islands Council is accepting applications for welfare benefits via two funding streams – Crisis Grants and Community Care Grants.

A reduction in Council Tax can also be applied for.

07 April 2020
£1 million business grant payments due today

Over £1 million of Government business grants are due to be paid out locally today (April 6)  by Orkney Islands Council.

The payments, totalling £1,135,000, consist of eleven £25,000 grants and 86 £10,000 grants.

06 April 2020
Covid-19 - “Tremendous” Hub effort praised

The “tremendous effort” by staff and volunteers in bringing the new Orkney Coronavirus Community Support Hub to fruition has been praised.

06 April 2020
Covid-19 - OLECG appeal update

An appeal for people with available accommodation to get in touch with the Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group (OLECG) has met with a strong response.

03 April 2020
Covid-19 - Waste collections during the pandemic – your questions answered

Orkney Islands Council has published an online guide to the household waste collection arrangements that will operate during the coronavirus outbreak.

03 April 2020
Covid-19 - OIC Working Towards Business Grant Payments for April 6

Orkney Islands Council is expecting to make the first payments from the Scottish Government business grant funds on April 6.

The Council is administering the Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government.

01 April 2020
Covid-19 – OLECG meets 31 March 2020

Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group (OLECG) met today in response to the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

31 March 2020
New refuse collection day for Hoy

Due to the changes to ferry timetables, refuse collections in Hoy have now been scheduled for Wednesdays, with the first collection being tomorrow – 01 April 2020.

31 March 2020
Free Car Parking

As of today, all council carparks will be free of charge as part of OIC’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

31 March 2020
Protecting children during the COVID-19 coronavirus public health emergency

Orkney Public Protection Chief Officer’s Group are urging everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for children who may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect during the COVID-19 coronavirus public health emergency. It’s now more important than ever for members of the public to speak up if they’re concerned about a child or children.

31 March 2020
Covid-19 - business discussions underway

Representatives from a broad range of business sectors have begun discussions with Orkney’s newly established Economic and Business Response and Recovery Group on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

27 March 2020
Covid-19 - Orkney Coronavirus Community Support Hub

A call centre to provide essential information and support to the most vulnerable people in Orkney has been established which will open formally on Monday.

The NHS is notifying all those most at risk – and for whom the new service is aimed at - by letter.

27 March 2020
Covid-19 - Key Workers

Following recent measures put in place by the UK and Scottish Government in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Orkney Islands Council has clarified the categories of ‘key workers’ required to support essential services locally.

27 March 2020
Covid-19 - Appeal for Staff

Are you out of work, recently retired, or can you spare even a couple of hours a week? Orkney Islands Council is looking at ways to staff vital service areas in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and one of the options will be offering additional short-term employment.

27 March 2020
Covid-19- Registration of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships

As part of the efforts to help to delay the spread of COVID-19, the Registration Office at Kirkwall is closed to the public until further notice.

26 March 2020
Covid-19 – public toilets

Public toilets and pier waiting rooms across the Mainland and the isles are being closed as part of Orkney Islands Council’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

25 March 2020
Covid-19 – business support grants

Businesses can now apply for grants to help them deal with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

25 March 2020
Covid-19 – Revised Bus Timetables

Orkney Islands Council are advising that as of Thursday, 26 March, new revised public bus timetables will come into effect until further notice.

25 March 2020
Covid-19 - care homes update

Visiting can no longer take place at care homes operated by Orkney Health and Care in response to the strengthening of nationwide measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

24 March 2020
Covid-19 – Council providing only key services

Orkney Islands Council is now focusing its efforts on the most essential services the local community requires – after the UK and Scottish Governments announced stringent new measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

24 March 2020
Covid-19 – OLECG meets

Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group (OLECG) met virtually today in response to the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic - with representatives involved from all key agencies across the county.

24 March 2020
Covid-19 - Building Standards

Following advice from our Executive Director and Head of Service I have to inform you that the Orkney Islands Council - Building Standards service has been temporarily suspended until the current COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, or alternative measures have been implemented to allow staff to undertake work from home.

24 March 2020
Covid-19 - Housing repairs

Orkney Islands Council’s Housing Service is advising that due to the current COVID-19 situation and recent guidance for contractors, only emergency repairs will be carried out within their houses – for example internal power failure or leak.

24 March 2020
Covid-19 – update on key worker childcare and free school meals

Orkney Islands Council continues to take steps to ensure childcare is provided in schools and nurseries for the children of key workers.

23 March 2020
Covid-19 – Recycling Centres and waste services current guidance

The five Recycling Centres in Orkney – at Hatston, Garson, Cursiter, St Margaret’s Hope and Bossack – remain open as normal at present.

23 March 2020
Additional support planned for the most vulnerable

Following the announcement earlier this afternoon that the Scottish Government has requested all local authorities to take extra steps to support the most vulnerable in our community, Council officers have swung into action this afternoon to get this up and running.

22 March 2020
Key worker childcare arrangements in place

Over the weekend, Orkney Islands Council’s education staff have responded to 250 applications for childcare for key workers' children and young people under the age of 16.

22 March 2020
Coronavirus - Care Homes, Supported Accommodation and Home Care

Visiting restrictions to our Care Homes are now in place following guidance from Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland to help delay the spread of COVID-19.

20 March 2020
Covid-19 – Economic and Business Response and Recovery Group

Orkney Islands Council, Business Gateway Orkney and other partner agencies have established an Economic and Business Response and Recovery Group.

20 March 2020
Coronavirus: Information for Council Tax payers

With recent developments in the coronavirus outbreak, we understand that many Council Tax payers may be worried about the bills for the new financial year that we recently issued

20 March 2020
MyOrkney - a new way to contact us about our services

Orkney Islands Council has launched a new online platform which will make it easier to get in touch, make online payments and to report and track issues and requests.

20 March 2020
Covid-19 – school and nursery closures

The Council has responded to the announcement from the Scottish Government that schools and local authority nurseries will close from Friday afternoon (20 March).

20 March 2020
Coronavirus – range of facilities to close

Leisure, cultural and library facilities in Orkney will close to the public later this week as part of efforts to help prevent infection by the coronavirus.

19 March 2020
Covid-19 – school closures

Following yesterday's announcement on school closures by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the Council is awaiting clarification from the Scottish Government on the detail behind this.

19 March 2020
John Street Retaining Wall Repair

A contractor has been appointed and work will begin shortly to start repairs to a damaged section of wall in Stromness.

18 March 2020
Covid-19 preparations

Detailed planning has taken place over recent weeks to ensure the Council can respond as effectively as possible in the event of Covid-19 cases in Orkney.

17 March 2020
Road works in the Hope

From Monday 16 March, Orkney Islands Council will be carrying out carriageway repairs and resurfacing on the Ontoft Road, from Cromarty Square to the Pier Road, in St Margaret’s Hope.

13 March 2020
Owners of viewpoint bench sought

Orkney Islands Council is seeking to get in touch with the owners of a memorial bench at the Downies Lane viewpoint in Stromness.

11 March 2020
Barriers survey launched

People in Orkney are being asked for their views on options the Council might consider in response to wave over-topping at the second Churchill Barrier.

11 March 2020
Public events for Hoy wind turbines proposal

Orkney Islands Council is to present revised plans for a seven-turbine wind farm in Hoy to the public later this month to allow folk to provide input in advance of a planning application being submitted later this year.

10 March 2020
Coronavirus information

Advice on Covid-19 and the Coronavirus.

09 March 2020
Flooding protection options for St Margaret’s Hope

Orkney Islands Council say work is ongoing to find solutions to reduce the risk of flooding within St Margaret’s Hope.

09 March 2020
Met Mast Installation to Get Underway at Quanterness and Hoy

Work to install 'met masts' at two of the sites being considered as part of 'Orkney's Community Wind Farm Project’ is due to get underway shortly.

09 March 2020
Odin of Scapa launched

 The first of the Orkney Islands Council two new tugs – Odin of Scapa – was launched at the end of February at the Sanmar Shipyard at Altinova in Turkey.

06 March 2020
Supplementary Guidance consultation opens.

Orkney Islands Council are inviting comments on their planning document - Supplementary Guidance: Housing in the Countryside.

05 March 2020
Seminar could open up opportunities for business growth between Orkney and Japan

An exciting opportunity has arisen for businesses in Orkney to attend a free seminar for those interested in global market growth, particularly between the UK and Japan.

04 March 2020
Budget for year ahead agreed

Elected Members have agreed Orkney Islands Council’s budget for the next financial year.

04 March 2020
Replacement ferry purchase moves ahead

Orkney Islands Council is set to purchase a vessel to replace the aging ferry MV Golden Mariana.

03 March 2020
New exhibition - "Mizzle and strife and all things nice"

Saturday, 7 March, sees the opening of a new exhibition at the Orkney Museum, Tankerness House, Kirkwall.

28 February 2020
Local opinion sought on Orkney Library & Archive services

Orkney Library & Archive is looking to hear the views of local folk about the services they provide.

28 February 2020
Images of War – a number of unshown works to go on display at Orkney Museum

A selection of artworks from Orkney Islands Council’s wartime collections, some of which have never been shown before, will be on display at Orkney Museum from 29 February to 4 April.

28 February 2020
Alcohol and drug hub pilot project for Orkney

A new alcohol and drug hub is to be trialled in Orkney.

28 February 2020
Praise for long service with ferries

After more than 42 years helping steer the office side of Orkney Ferries, Lorraine MacDonald is heading off to new pastures.

26 February 2020
Budget for year ahead discussed by councillors

Elected Members have recommended Orkney Islands Council’s budget for the next financial year.

25 February 2020
Youth Fund open for applications

Orkney Islands Council is encouraging local groups to apply for funding from a national youth work fund.

21 February 2020
Connectivity funding welcomed

Orkney Islands Council Leader James Stockan has welcomed an announcement of £5 million in funding from the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

21 February 2020
Orkney folk invited to take part in electric vehicle survey

People in Orkney are being encouraged to take part in a survey to gather information surrounding their views and experiences of electric vehicles and associated charging technology.

21 February 2020
Quanterness Planning Application Submitted

A planning application has been submitted by Orkney Islands Council this week for a six-turbine wind farm development at Quanterness outside Kirkwall.

19 February 2020
OIC Leader praises staff for storm work

Orkney Islands Council Leader Councillor James Stockan has paid tribute to council employees for their “incredible efforts” in dealing with the difficult storm conditions in Orkney this month.

18 February 2020
New support group for Kinship Carers

A support group for “Kinship Carers” is being set up in Orkney.

18 February 2020
North Ronaldsay sailing for Wednesday

A ferry carrying essential supplies is due to visit North Ronaldsay tomorrow (Wednesday 19 February), almost three weeks since the island last received cargo by sea – and with this weekend’s scheduled sailing almost certain to be cancelled again.

18 February 2020
Maths for Parents

A new Community Learning Class is starting in March titled Maths for Parents.

13 February 2020
OLECG update – Monday 10 February

OLECG, the Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group, is advising people living in coastal areas at risk of flooding to remain vigilant.

10 February 2020
OLECG update

OLECG, the Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group, is advising people living in areas that could be affected by coastal flooding to keep an eye on updates from SEPA, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

09 February 2020
Flood Alert for Orkney

OLECG, the Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group, met today for a second time in preparation for potential flooding in coastal areas of the county.

08 February 2020
Flood Warnings issued ahead of Strom Ciara

OLECG, the Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group, met today in response to forecasts of serious flooding throughout the county.

07 February 2020
OIC funding for 2020-2021 announced

Under the draft settlement announced by the Scottish Government, the main funding Orkney Islands Council receives to run services will be £77.5 million for 2020-2021.

07 February 2020
Victoria Street reopens to traffic

Orkney Islands Council have reopened the section of Broad Street outside the Royal Bank of Scotland after the street works that’s part of the Kirkwall THI project finished ahead of schedule.

05 February 2020
Moratorium call

The three Island Councils have called for a moratorium on plans by Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL) to centralise air traffic control services.

05 February 2020
Green light for ReFLEX Orkney project

The ground-breaking ReFLEX Orkney project is to progress from feasibility studies into a demonstration phase.

04 February 2020
Ferries frustration – Leader’s new call to First Minister

The Leader of Orkney Islands Council is asking for a rethink by the First Minister after receiving a “frustrating and disappointing” response to a call for fair funding for local ferry services.

04 February 2020
The Life and Times of Orcadian Artist Jim Baikie

This Saturday sees the opening at the Orkney Museum, Tankerness House, of the exhibition “The Life and Times of Orkney Artist Jim Baikie”.

31 January 2020
New head teacher for Papa Westray

A new head teacher has been appointed for Papa Westray Community School.

31 January 2020
Your library in one app

Orkney Library and Archive’s round-the-clock borrowing service is expanding – with more titles available from early next week.

30 January 2020
Elaine appointed Lord-Lieutenant

The Queen’s appointment of Elaine Grieve as the 21st Lord-Lieutenant for Orkney was warmly welcomed today (Wednesday 29 January).

29 January 2020
Going for Gold

Two schools in Orkney have received prestigious Gold sportscotland School Sport Awards.

29 January 2020
Italian Chapel appeal

An appeal for stories, letters and artefacts from the Italian Chapel Prisoners of War has been launched by the committee who look after the Lamb Holm place of worship.

27 January 2020
Stromness road works - 27 to 31 January

Orkney Islands Council will be carrying out road maintenance on Victoria Street and Graham Place, Stromness, between Church Road and Dundas Street.

24 January 2020
Bill thanked as he retires as Lord-Lieutenant

Tribute has been paid to Bill Spence on his retirement as Orkney’s Lord-Lieutenant.

22 January 2020
Deadline for energy efficiency upgrades growing closer

Orkney Islands Council is advising that the closing date for funding to improve the energy efficiency of local homes is at the end of March 2020.

22 January 2020
Red bags reminder

Orkney Islands Council is about to begin January’s delivery of Red Bags for household waste.

21 January 2020
Keeping an eye on the seas around us – study leads to PhD

For seven years Jenni Kakkonen has followed the fortunes of tiny creatures living around the shores of Scapa Flow.

21 January 2020
Hamnavoe House open day

The new care home in Stromness will open its doors to the public for the first time later this week.

20 January 2020
Orkney’s polling stations – your views invited

A review of polling arrangements in Orkney is underway.

20 January 2020
Public views sought over on-street parking in Kirkwall

Orkney Islands Council will hold consultation sessions later this month to present proposals for on-street parking in Kirkwall town centre, and give local businesses, residents and the wider public an opportunity to comment.

15 January 2020
“Business Academy” project to be launched in Stronsay

Existing and potential business people in Stronsay - Orkney’s Island of Bays - are being invited to take part in a “Business Academy” pilot project, due to get off the ground in February.

15 January 2020
OLECG update - Tuesday 14 January

With the worst risk of flooding now over, organisations involved in Orkney’s response to Storm Brendan will continue for a time to keep an eye out for potential impacts.

14 January 2020
Flood Warnings issued for Orkney

OLECG, the Orkney Local Emergency Co-ordination Group, met today in response to forecasts of serious flooding throughout the county.

13 January 2020
Ferries concern during dry dock period

Orkney Islands Council Leader James Stockan has voiced his concern that a freight ship will be standing in for the MV Hamnavoe during the ferry’s refit period.

10 January 2020
Stromness road works continue

The road works in Stromness that started earlier this week are due to continue from Monday (13 January) along the main street through the town.

10 January 2020
Carness road closure

Orkney Islands Council is advising that part of Carness Road will be closed to traffic from Monday 13 January to Sunday 19 January to enable underground services to be laid to the Carness housing development.

10 January 2020
Early learning and childcare expansion – enrolment coming soon

Families in Orkney are being encouraged to enrol their children for fully funded early learning and childcare ahead of a major expansion this summer.

10 January 2020
Arctic visit to Orkney

Opportunities to strengthen and build new links with nations in the Arctic were discussed during a visit to Orkney by leading figures with a keen interest in the region.

23 December 2019
End this discrimination – OIC Leader’s call to First Minister

The Leader of Orkney Islands Council has sent a strongly-worded open letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, accusing the Scottish Government of ‘blatant discrimination’ in the funding of local ferry services.

23 December 2019
Fire leads to batteries warning

Orkney Islands Council is warning of the dangers of placing batteries in household and business waste – after fire resulted in the temporary closure of the Chinglebraes Waste Transfer Station.

20 December 2019
Visual Artists and Craft Makers fund open for applicants

A scheme aimed at helping local artists and crafts people take their creative development and ideas to the next level is open once again for applications, following renewed backing from Creative Scotland.

19 December 2019
Washing machine recall advice

Orkney Islands Council’s Trading Standards team is highlighting advice about the washing machine recall announced this week.

18 December 2019
Christmas tree collection - February 2020

A Christmas tree collection for households within 30mph areas on the Orkney Mainland and in the connected South Isles will take place in early February.

16 December 2019
Names chosen for tugs

Orkney’s new tugs will be called Odin of Scapa and Thor of Scapa.

16 December 2019
Athlete Travel Scheme – Bids Invited

Island athletes are being given the opportunity to benefit from a scheme to support them with travel costs thanks to a partnership between sportscotland and the local authorities in Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles.

13 December 2019
Result for Orkney and Shetland constituency

Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate Alistair Carmichael has been re-elected to serve as MP for Orkney and Shetland.

13 December 2019
Culture Fund opens for 2020 – 2021 applications

Orkney Islands Council is inviting applications for its Culture Fund which is aimed at supporting cultural activity in Orkney.

11 December 2019

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