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End of Term Highlights

2017 - 2022

End of Term HighlightsAs we approach the Local Government elections in May, we are often asked what it means to be a Councillor in Orkney.

Serving the Orkney community over the past five years has been a privilege and hugely rewarding for all.

Whether it is our dedicated, resourceful staff or our voluntary sector partners, the business community, other public services or community groups and members of the public that you’re working with, people are absolutely determined to get the best for Orkney.

We haven't always got it right of course, but where mistakes have been made we've acted quickly alongside Council staff to make the required changes - including new checks and balances, revised procedures and improved communication with the public.

There's a real 'Team Orkney' drive to make the most of our potential as a rich, compassionate community, as an inspiring place to visit and as a place to enjoy a quality life and career.

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Interested in standing as a councillor?

Our Local Government elections here in Orkney are traditionally a lively, well contested affair and rightly so – and as a Council we’re committed to ensuring folks from all walks of life can throw their hat in the ring. Below you will find some key information you need if you are considering standing for election.

Our elections team can advise you on how to go through the process of standing for elections including the deadlines, guidelines and election law you need to meet.

So for anyone with a passion for our community and a willingness to  dedicate their time to serving the Orkney public, why not  consider standing in the upcoming election to be part of local government in this most exciting, resourceful and forward-looking community.

Deadline for nominations: Wednesday 30 March at 5pm

Polling Day: 5 May