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Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Staff - Frequently Asked Questions

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many sudden changes in the way we lead our day to day lives. There is a great deal of information – and indeed mis-information – circulating and we recognise this is a difficult time for all.

The purpose of this guidance is to clarify how Orkney Islands Council staff should act during this outbreak. This guidance is designed to inform and work alongside the Council’s local business continuity plans and resilience arrangements. The FAQ’s are being reviewed and updated on a frequent basis.

Current HR policies and terms and conditions of employment remain in place, but may be amended in future if necessary.

If you can't find what you need here, advice can also be found on the NHS Inform website.

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I am a casual/relief/supply worker and I have been sent home/not presently working or working as much due to COVID-19, having to self-isolate or socially distance due to COVID-19, what will I be paid?

As long as you remain available for work, you will receive special paid leave of absence the same as anyone else.  For you as your hours are variable, this will be your average earnings, using an average of the earnings paid in January, February and March 2020.

Where you continue to work and your earnings in any month are in excess of this average earnings amount, there will be no average earnings payment made. 

Where you continue to work and your actual earnings in any month are less than the average earnings figure, you will receive a top up payment to the average earnings figure.

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