Winter Service Plan 2019 to 2020

Orkney Islands Council, through Development and Infrastructure, aims to provide a winter service which allows the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians on roads and keeps to a minimum delays caused by adverse winter weather.

The Council as Roads Authority will set the standards and level of service, make adequate budgetary provision to achieve the standards and approve a carriageway and footway hierarchy.

The operational management of the service will be provided by the Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure. The service will be delivered using in-house resources and contractors as appropriate.

The service will be provided in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Council Plan 2013-2018, the Development and Infrastructure Service Plan 2016-2019 and this Winter Service Policy Statement.

Development and Infrastructure will prepare a carriageway and footway hierarchy for precautionary gritting, post gritting and snow clearing and a Winter Service Plan which will be reviewed annually by the Council following the confirmation of the Council's Revenue estimates and Capital Programme.

The standard of performance achieved and all the fixed and variable costs incurred will be monitored annually and reported to the Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure who will report to the Council annually on the standard of service achieved, the costs involved and where changes or improvements to the level of services should be considered.

The Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure may, in certain circumstances due to severe weather conditions or other conditions, amend or suspend part of the Winter Service Plan to achieve the best service that the prevailing conditions will allow and may carry out trials whenever necessary on proposals to improve the service prior to the review.

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The Winter Service Plan is available from the 'Related Downloads' section on this page. Other PDFs listed show the routes which are treated as part of the plan.

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