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Verge Maintenance Plan

Orkney Islands Council as Roads Authority has a duty to maintain the public roads and ensure as far as possible that they are safe for road users, this includes the roadside verge.

The cutting of vegetation on roadside verges is done primarily for road safety purposes and to provide a refuge for pedestrians walking on the road.  Vegetation on either the roadside verge or private land should not restrict visibility at junctions, access points or bends. In addition, sightlines and minimum stopping distances should be kept clear and signs, lights and marker posts clearly visible at all times.

The primary objectives of the verge cutting regime will be:

In order to meet these objectives roadside verges will be cut twice annually, May/June and September/October. Additional Cutting may be undertaken throughout the season for reasons of safety, the control of weeds or the management of verges for conservation purposes.

Get at copy of the Verge Maintenance Plan

The latest Verge Maintenance Plan is available in PDF format from the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

Verges - Flowers and Wildlife

For more information on what flowers and wildlife are present in our verges, please click the link in the 'Related Sites' section of below.

Related Downloads

Related Sites

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