Our Plan 2013 - 2018 - Orkney Islands Council's Corporate Strategic Plan

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Our Plan 2013 - 2018 is about what we want to do for Orkney.  It describes our ambitions and where we want to put our efforts over the coming years.  It is a result of the contribution of ideas and debate by all the Elected Members of this new Council.  We also consulted with the public on a draft version of this plan and their views informed the final version. You can see their feedback by clicking here and reading the report to the Policy and Resources Committee.

We have called it 'Wur Plan' or Our Plan because that is what it is.  Within these pages we state what we consider to be the main areas of work, or priorities, to support Orkney and its folk over the next five years.  We have set tragets for each priority and for each of these we explain:

These are our aspirations for the future.  What we want to do in addition to providing statutory services.

There are two copies of the plan available in the Related Downloads section of the website.  One is the 'Fully Accessible' version which is particularly suitable for reading online, particularly if you are using software for those with visual impairments.   The other version is the full version.  This features graphics as well as illustrations from 'Giddy Limit' cartoonist Alex Leonard.

Mid Point Review

During 2015, the Council undertook a mid-point review of its corporate plan.

The purpose was not about creating a new council plan, but providing an opportunity to reflect on any changes necessary due to new challenges and the Council’s ambitions. The review provided an opportunity to re-focus, to check and challenge whether the priorities, targets and actions continue to be the right ones. It was also an opportunity to recognise achievements.

Each of the 129 actions supporting the 33 targets and 7 priorities were scrutinised through workshops and seminars held in June, September and October 2015.

The Delivery Plan available below is the product of the mid-point review. It is not intended to replace the current Council Plan, but sits alongside it, updating the current position and setting out more succinctly, the activity that remains for the duration of the current council plan.

You can read or download a copy of the Delivery Plan in the 'Related Downloads' section of this page. A fully web accessible version will be available shortly.

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