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Gender Equality Scheme

The gender equality duty (GED) is a new law with which all councils in the UK must comply. It is intended to address the inequalities which still exist in the workplace, in school and in society, despite thirty years of sex discrimination legislation.

The GED is not about positive discrimination in favour of any particular group, but aims to promote equality for all. For example, women are under-represented in senior management, but boys often under-achieve at school. The GED seeks to improve services, policies and practices for everybody — men and women, boys and girls, and transgender individuals.

Discrimination is not always direct and may be the unintentional result of a well-meant policy. For example, a "green" car-sharing scheme which rewards car-sharers might discriminate indirectly against women, who use their cars to multi-task: picking up children from nursery, doing the shopping etc as well as driving to work and back. So we need to assess everything we do to see whether it is impacting equally on everybody, whatever their gender.

The Gender Equality Scheme 2010 to 2013 is available to download from the Related Downloads section of this webpage, along with the Equal Pay Policy Statement and the Gender Equality Scheme Annual Report for 2009.

Orkney Islands Council as an employer 

As an employer, the Council must demonstrate fair recruitment processes and conditions of employment. A copy of OIC's Equal Pay Policy is available from the Related Downloads section on this page.

Orkney Islands Area Licensing Boards' equality scheme

Under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Sex Discrimination Public Authorities Statutory Duties Scotland Order 2007, public authorities, including licensing boards, must, when carrying out their functions, have regard to the need to:

The Orkney Islands Area Licensing Board's Combined Equality Scheme is available from the Related Links section on this page.

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