Sheltered Housing consultation

This consultation closed on 9 January 2012.

The 2018 Sheltered Housing Consultation is available from the 'Related Links' section of this page

Orkney Islands Council is starting a consultation into the possibility of introducing charging for new tenants of sheltered housing.

The aim is to consult widely on the proposal, to gather important information Councillors will consider before deciding whether to bring in charges.

A commitment has been given that there will be no additional charges for existing sheltered housing tenants at Lambaness and Andersquoy in Kirkwall and Rae’s Close in Stromness.

If charging is introduced, new sheltered housing tenants could pay a weekly charge of £30 to help pay for their warden service.

The new charge would be in addition to the rent paid by sheltered housing tenants and, like rental charges, would be for 48 weeks of the year.

During the Tough Times–Tough Choices engagement with people across the county, OIC flagged up the possibility of bringing in new charges for a variety of services – to help offset a reduction in its funding from Government.

Councillor Roderick McLeod, chair of the Social Services and Housing Committee, said: “The consultation will involve everyone potentially affected if we bring in charges for new sheltered housing tenants at Lambaness, Anderquoy and Rae’s Close.

“We will also seek the views of others, including families, guardians, relevant agencies and voluntary sector organisations.

“I would encourage people with an interest in the service to take part in this consultation. The results will help us as Councillors decide on the best way forward.”

For Rae’s Close, there is an additional consultation on continuing to use the facility for sheltered housing – while also making it available as supported housing for people who need assistance for particular needs, such as a mild to moderate learning disability.

“The response from current tenants and the wardens at Rae’s Close has been positive,” added Councillor McLeod. “Again we will seek a wide range of views to help us reach the right decision on this.”

(Survey forms were available from Customer Services. Online forms have now been disabled as the consultation is closed).

The consultation will run until 9 January 2012 with the results reported to the February meeting of the Social Services and Housing Committee.

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