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Our Future

Orkney Climate Aware logoYou may be wondering what happens once you have been involved and given feedback to us about living in Orkney and the services or projects that we deliver.  Well... it is always taken into consideration and used to shape our future.  That doesn't mean that we are able to 'please' everybody but where possible we take the majority view along with data gathered locally and nationally to decide how to improve and enhance all of our lives. 

In this section you will find out more about areas that have benefited from your valuable feedback and how we are progressing with them. 

Orkney Climate Aware

Climate Change is affecting communities all over the world, many of the effects of climate change can already be seen and be measured, including here in Orkney.  

To help better understand how climate change is affecting us Orkney Climate Aware has been established to create a means of holding conversation around some of the most pressing climate topics.  We are looking to support people and organisations across the public to take actions to reduce emissions, adapt and support action against climate change.

Our Islands Our Deal logoIslands Deal

The Islands Deal vision is "To harness the unique assets of Orkney, the Outer Hebrides and Shetland to create world class, innovative and globally focused industries that will help address the Islands’ severe demographic challenges and strengthen the distinct and important contribution our Islands make to the economic vitality and international reputation of Scotland and the United Kingdom."

This will be achieved through a programme of projects focused on: placing the islands at the forefront of the transition to net zero; supporting growth in key sectors of opportunity such as tourism, food and drink, space and creative industries; and, supporting thriving, sustainable communities.

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